BuddyX Demo Data Installation

The theme comes with one-click demo installation support. Try the demo and install it with just one-click on your WordPress BuddyPress site. No need to create your social community website from scratch. You can download the plugin from here.

Download BuddyX Demo Data Installer Plugin #

You can install the plugin via:
Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New

You will be redirected to the demo installation page click on the start button for further steps.
Step 1: Install child theme
Step 2: Install the required plugin (you will only get this option if you have not installed the required plugin before).
Step 3: Import Content (here you will have three things content, widgets and options).

Note that: Importing demo is always recommended on the fresh installation as it removes all existing data. The importing demo will take some time.

Download Demo Installer

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6 thoughts on “BuddyX Demo Data Installation

  1. Actually you can not import the XML, JSON and DAT files manually, there is something wrong with the demo files that causes error(0) and Error: parsererror (200).

    I don’t know if this is a demo file issue or a plugin issue but the file will allow the demo to install with either methodology.

    1. https://github.com/vapvarun/buddyx-demo/tree/master/demos/buddyx
      BuddyX demo has 3 files.
      1- Xml can be imported with the default WordPress importer
      2- customizer.dat can be imported with Customizer Export/Import
      3- widgets.json can be imported with Widget Importer & Exporter

      Our demo importer plugin uses the same features as an above plugin, and import demo data which contain XML files for WordPress content, Customizer option for theme options and widget combination to set widgets in dedicated widget areas.

      At local or remote site if that’s getting failed it can have multiple reasons
      1- the remote connection is taking time download images from the source blog due to slow internet connection
      2- firewall rules
      3- file permission issue to write files

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