BuddyPress Activity Edit Plugin Review

BuddyPress Activity Edit Plugin

BuddyPress is a community plugin for WordPress that offers you a lot of features. You can send friendship requests, post activities, comment on activities, set up your profile, create groups, and much more. Moreover, there are a plethora of plugins that offer some great features to extend the BuddyPress which it does not offer by itself.

BuddyPress provides you the feature to post activities on community or member’s profile or groups but it does not allow you to edit the activity after posting. Thanks to BuddyPress Activity Edit plugin which allows you to edit the posted activity and comments very easily.


BP Edit Activity plugin requires BuddyPress to be installed and activated on your WordPress site, in order to work.

BuddyPress Activity Edit In-Depth Review

BP Activity Edit Installation And Activation

BP Edit Activity allows you and your member to edit their already posted activity and comments from the front-end. With this plugin you can use BuddyPress Activity Filter which enables the users to control their content and the administrator of the site can decide which activity filter available to the site from his end.

To install BuddyPress Activity edit go to WP Dashboard>>Plugins>>Add New. Then search it on the search bar provided by his name.  Once install, click to activate.

BP Activity Edit Installation And Activation
showing buddypress activity plugin

Let’s now take a look at its features and how it works!

BuddyPress Activity Edit Settings

BuddyPress is a simple plugin and doesn’t need much to change. But to access its settings, navigate to wp-admin > Settings > BP Edit Activity.

BuddyPress Edit Activity Plugin
showing bp activity edit option from dashboard

Here, you can change the following options:

  • Change Who can edit activity.
  • Choose the Activity and Comments will be editable from the front-end or not.
  • Disallow editing after a certain time.
BuddyPress Activity Edit Settings
showing buddypress edit activity backend setting

BuddyPress Activity Edit Front-End

Using this plugin, users who created the post and admins will be able to easily edit the post from the front-end, they will no longer have to log in to WordPress Dashboard to do so.  From backend setting, admin can select who can edit  the activity.  From this setting admin can enable the edit option for activity posts and activity replies from frontend. Admin can also be able to set time limit after which he or user who created the post are not able to edit posts or activity .

BuddyPress Activity Edit Front-End
showing edit option from front end after activating plugin

Here you can see we have set the time limit for user is 5 minutes to edit posts or activity and excluded admin from time limit.

BuddyPress Activity

Now if user try to edit his post or activity after 5 minutes that we have set then he is not able to do that because after this time edit option get disable from frontend automatically.  From below image you can see that edit is option is not showing now. It become very easy to understand all the functions of this plugin using BuddyX theme.

showing edit option disable from frontend after time limit crossed


Editing is a must-have feature for any blogging, social networking, forums or community websites. We humans can make mistakes and it would be so inconvenient to rewrite the whole content rather than editing it.

We highly recommend to use this buddypress edit activity  plugin, the plugin has already over 3000+ active installations. If you have any doubts about the plugin, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading

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