BuddyPress Compliments Plugin Review

BuddyPress Compliments Plugin

Compliments are great gestures and help us to cope with others in a short period of time. Also, it makes other people feel more comfortable around us. As we know BuddyPress is also a community plugin where you meet new people and make friends, send messages. Complimenting other members would be a great start for new members in the community. BuddyPress has a variety of plugins that allows you to extend its functionality by all sorts.

BuddyPress Compliments plugin is one of the best BuddyPress community plugins which extends the feature of sending a compliment to someone’s profile. This plugin allows admins to add new compliments from the back-end which end up showing at the front-end to send it as a compliment.


  1. Unlimited number of compliments
  2. Dedicated Compliment Button and Compliment Tab
  3. Compliments Notification feature
  4. Paginated Compliments
  5. Track compliments on BuddyPress Activity page
  6. Allow/Disallow member to delete their compliments

Requirement: The plugin requires BuddyPress to be installed and activated on your WordPress site to work.

BuddyPress Compliments In-Depth Review

BuddyPress Compliment Plugin Installation

To install BP compliment plugin go to wp dashboard>>plugins>>add new and then enter plugin name in search bar. After then click install and activate.

BuddyPress Compliment Plugin Installtion
showing buddypress compliment plugin

BuddyPress Compliments Settings

Once plugin installed and activated then you can see compliments option is added to your wp dashboard .

BuddyPress Compliments Settings
showing compliment option from dashboard


The plugin has some interesting options to change from the back-end. To access its settings, navigate to wp-admin > Compliments > Compliments. Here you can change the following options:

  • Singular Name – Customize display label for single compliment.
  • Plural Name – Customize display label for multiple compliments.
  • Slug: Change the URL text for compliments.
  • Who can see other members’ Compliment Page?
  • Display ‘Send Compliment’ button in /members page? – Show/Hide ‘Send Compliment’ button from members directory.
  • Members can delete Compliments Received?
  • Enable Activity component for Compliments – Post sent Compliments in Activity Page.
  • Enable Notification component for Compliments?
  • Number of Compliments to display per page?
  • Custom CSS styles – Use custom CSS classes and codes.
  • Delete plugin data when you uninstall BuddyPress Compliments?
BuddyPress Compliments
showing buddypress compliment setting

Compliment Types

Here, admins can add compliments and upload compliment icons for the users to select and send to others from the front-end. You can find it in wp-admin > Compliments > Compliment Types.

bp compliment type
showing buddypress compliment types

How To add  Compliments Using BuddyPress Compliments plugin

To add Compliments go to compliment >>new compliment.  You can add any number of compliment from this setting and for every icon you uploaded you should define the name of each one.

BuddyPress Compliments
showing how to add compliment

BuddyPress Compliments Front-End

Sending a Compliment

To send a compliment to someone, just navigate to the member’s profile. Here you should be able to see the ‘Send Compliment’ button, click on it. Select a compliment and type your message if you like. Click Send.

buddypress compliment plugin
showing compliment button at frontend

Now when you click on send compliment option you will get the option choose your compliment type with icon that you have uploaded from backend setting. You can send messages and compliment both with the help of this BP compliment plugin.

buddypress compliment plugin
showing compliment types and icon at frontend

Compliments Notifications

Compliment Notifications can be enabled or disabled from the back-end. The notifications will be sent with a compliment every time if notification component is enabled for the plugin. The notifications will look like the following:

Compliments Notifications
showing Compliments Notifications

Compliments Tab

A dedicated compliments tab will also appear in the member’s profile page where you will be able to see the list of all the compliments given to the member. Admins, as well as Members, will also be able to delete their compliments from here if allowed for members from the back-end.

Compliments Tab
showing Compliments Tab

Compliments Activity

Compliments will appear and posted as activities if enabled from the backend. Every compliment sent to anyone will be listed in the main activity component’s page. You can also try other BuddyPress premium addons for your community website.

BP compliment
showing received compliment through activity page


We are wrapping up this article and can only say that BuddyPress Compliments plugin is a must-have for every BuddyPress community and worth a try. It will help grow the community with a co-operative and friendly-environment.

If you have any queries about this compliment plugin, then you are always welcome to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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