BuddyPress Default Cover Photo Plugin Review

Default Cover Photo Plugin

Uploading so many cover images by every user makes the site heavier. To reduce this problem of cover image variations and the regular look of the BuddyPress profile, this plugin provides an additional look for the profile page. It enhances the view of the timeline and makes it more beautiful.

By updating new profile cover and group cover on a regular basis will help you attract visitors to your community.

This plugin requires the BuddyPress Plugin activated on your WordPress site.

How To Reach The Settings Of BuddyPress Default Cover Photo Plugin?

Admin has to follow the simple steps and he will change every cover image of his site with a few commands.

Just reach to the WordPress DashBoard >> Settings >> Buddypress >> options

  1. Here, just check the box of “Leave BP cover functionality instead of BP core”
  2. Upload any image for the profile cover.
  3. Upload any image for the group cover.

You are all set now just go to the site to see the profile of yours.

Everything is changed there. The Profile cover is changed to what you have uploaded now.

Along with this, the Group cover image has also changed.

Default Cover Photo Plugin Review

How does It look Over the Live Site?

The changes can be clearly seen on the main profile page of any user. This Profile cover is not that Core BuddyPress provides but it is much much better than that.

BuddyPress Default Cover Photo plugin

Similarly, the changes can be seen on the group page where the cover image is updated and the new one has many updates in design.

  1. Group Description on the cover image.
  2. Add Cover option pinned on the top of this cover

Default Cover Photo Plugin Review

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Wrapping Up

This Plugin will give a new look to the old BuddyPress cover image and update some features. It is providing a direct profile image changeable option at the top of the cover image. This will improve the look of your BuddyPress profile page and make it more premium by look.

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