BuddyPress Email Template Plugin Review

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Template Designing is not an easy task for anyone. Other than template designing for a normal site there are other fields that need designs to represent their work. Today, we are reviewing the plugin that designs templates for the email that we send to the users of our community. This Plugin is an integration of the two plugins BuddyPress and WP HTML Mail plugin. BuddyPress Email Template Plugin lets you send a mail to the members using attractive templates.

Doesn’t matter whether your members are using desktop, mobile, or Webmail clients, these templates are easy to open on any device.

Mainly, this plugin requires BuddyPress and WP HTML Mail plugins installed on your WordPress site.

How To Apply The Settings Of BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

There are no such settings that are required to be configured to enable the settings.

But, for template creation, admin has to reach the settings of the WP HTML Mail plugin.

Go To Dashboard >> Settings >> Email Templates

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Once you create a template with the WP HTML Mail plugin, now, you have to apply it to the community level.

Here, in WP HTML Mail the templates are very easily created and saved. You can also take the preview each time you update the design.

This provides a preview section for the template that displays the changes on the same page.

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

WP HTML Mail plugin also provides a template library that will let you choose a template for your email.

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Created Template Preview

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Once the template is created, you can try a demo email with the option provided on the top of the preview area.

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Once the demo email is sent then you will get a popup notification.

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

Your test email is visible in the spam folder but other mails will move directly to the inbox as you were using normally.

BuddyPress Email Template Plugin

How To Apply Templates in BuddyPress Plugin?

For applying the created template, the admin needs not to do much effort as the WP HTML Mail plugin auto applies the template to the mail.

For further editing to the template you need to go to the Dashboard >> Appearance >> Emails

Here, admin can apply the mail template for its BuddyPress Community directly with the option of BuddyPress Emails

reign theme

After some content part editing is done then you can send the mail to the recipient.

“These templates will get auto-applied to the mail which you will send to the members or anyone on the site”.

Price: FREE

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Wrapping Up

When the designing part is applied anywhere, then the product automatically looks premium and more trustworthy. This features the normal email into a high-quality output source for the members of the site. Trust level increases many times and more users get interacted with the community. Ask any questions related to BuddyPress email template in comment box. Thanks for reading !

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