BuddyPress for LearnDash Review

BuddyPress for LearnDash

LearnDash is the most famous and widely used Learning Management System plugin for WordPress. Learndash offers you to enroll students in courses, quizzes, assignments, and certificates. It consists of every feature that you will need to create an e-learning and membership website. Also, with a number of addons for LearnDash, it can be integrated and compatible with almost any type of website.

One such add-on is BuddyPress for LearnDash which will combine them to work efficiently. As we know, BuddyPress is a huge community plugin for WordPress where you can send messages, create groups, post activities, etc. You integrate it with LearnDash having the learning within your community.

Members can see the list and access their courses directly through their personal profile page. Also, groups can be made to be private with enrolled members only and much more.


To use BuddyPress for LearnDash , BuddyPress plugin and Learndash plugin should be installed and activated.

Features of BuddyPress for LearnDash

  1. Exclusive Groups for Course Members
  2. User Activity Updates about their courses, quizzes, etc.
  3. LearnDash Author redirects to Member Profiles
  4. Automatic forums tie along with Course Groups
  5. Course Participants will automatically be added in respective groups

BuddyPress for LearnDash In-Depth Review


To install BuddyPress for LearnDash  go to wp dashboard>>plugins>>add new. After then search and install now.

buddypress for learndash

BuddyPress for LearnDash Settings

Using this integration, you can change the visibility of Courses Tab in member’s profile pages and convert user and group leader roles to LearnDash’s Student and Group Leader role.

You can find them in wp-admin > Settings > BuddyPress for LearnDash.

buddypress with learndash

Here is the general setting option for BuddyPress LearnDash

BuddyPress learndash


Member Profile Courses Tab

BuddyPress members will have a dedicated courses tab where they can find their enrolled courses. The Courses tab must be enabled to display on the member’s profile page from the Settings.

buddypress for learndash


BuddyPress Groups

BuddyPress for LearnDash Integration provides you with some course-specific group options that you find in the Group Profile > Manage > Course Settings. Here, you can assign a group course for only enrolled members in the respective course.

You can also select what type of User Activities be updated on the Group Activity Feed. The following are the list of activity triggers for group activity updates:

  1. When the user starts a course
  2. When the user completes a course
  3. When the user creates a lesson
  4. When the user completes a lesson
  5. When the user creates a topic
  6. When the user completes a topic
  7. When the user passes a quiz
  8. When the user comments on single topic page
  9. When the user comments on single lesson page
  10. When the user comments on single course page

BuddyPress for LearnDash

Activity Updates

The main activity feed will also be updated automatically after any major achievement or event happens with a student related to the course. Events can be when a user starts or completes a course, complete a lesson, pass a quiz, etc.

BuddyPress for LearnDash

Members Filter

The plugin also adds a filter tab in the members’ directory with Group Leaders and Students tab.

BuddyPress for LearnDash


In our opinion, LearnDash is an awesome plugin which supports many add-on integrations with many other major plugins. Some of these addons/integrations are available from their official team as well as some of them are from third parties.

This BuddyPress for LearnDash integration neatly combines both of them and increases the user-friendly workflow and environment. Thanks for Reading

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