BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin Review


Events and celebrations are the most important part of everyone’s life and this could be more valuable when many people gather together and celebrate it with full joy. For such type of events, the announcement is a big issue in the market. On social media also everyone could not be called to the event. Rather we should know who will be coming and how they are coming and from where they are coming.

Just posting a single post “Hey I am Celebrating my Birthday and all of you are invited.” he doesn’t inform the organizer about how many people will join him on this auspicious event. For this there needs to be a specific type of record that brings a clear idea of the no. of guests joining you.

What about an event management system that will manage all your problems related to upcoming guest quantity. This will increase your accuracy and will save lots of money from getting wasted over decorations, prizes, catering and other venue related expenses.

Why Do We Need To Manage Events?

Management is an art that needs to be performed with proper care and keeping economic expenses in mind. You can’t call anyone to a specific targeted event. Let us say, an event for all the Doctors is being organized in a big hall and you posted on your profile. “Every Doctor is cordially invited to this event.” Another day you found more than the expected crowd witnessing the event but the question is how you will know that everyone is a doctor or not a doctor.

Here we need to pre-manage the crowd. By getting problems like this we have to do lots of more arrangements and this will mashup every preparation of the event. Thus Management is needed here and at a very early stage.

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What problem does this Plugin Solve?

Anyone who wants to create a new event and engage traffic for the function has lots of options in the market to select. Out of those options this BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin allows the user with more favorable and advanced features. As we went through this plugin we saw many options that helped us to create, modify, and remove events from the profile.

Creating Event From The Front End

This BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin is not only helpful for the admin but also for the Front end users who are visiting the site after registration. They can directly create a new event and then promote it as they want to. The event creation tab is also easy to identify and manage from the profile page itself.  Not only creation but editing can also be done very easily that too from the front end.

Advantage Of Google API

Mostly the events take place offsite where the members of the event need to meet each other. For this problem of finding the event location it has the Google API system attached which will provide the location of the event very accurately and fast. Visibility over the map is a plus point and detecting the live location of the event is very easy with it’s Google Map featured element.

Google Map For Location on Map

 Many a time it happens that the wrong person posts some censored data to the event and other users feel it not relevant or discriminating some part of the society. These issues could be handle from the back end as every new event posted by the user can also be managed with the admin panel and genuineness could be checked by the site admin. 

Using Default Template

It uses the default template that is created by the BuddyPress and WordPress site. This feature will enhance the site to function smoothly with the preloaded elements and no mashing up with the coding part.  

Event Widget Feature

Other than this it provides a widget to add events directly from any page and thus the work becomes even simpler than it was earlier. This widget will help the user to post an event from anywhere they want to post.

Online Notification of the Event

This Plugin provides everything related to event creation and management but lacks behind with just the ticketing part. Digital events are to engage people and every time this ticketing is not needed. This issue is not a big issue.


BuddyPress or Buddyboss Platform is needed to use this plugin.

Download BuddyPress

Applying Settings to The BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin

First of all, install this plugin from here

After installation let’s get to the plugin functionalities

When we tested the options that are provided for profiles of the user  then we found them working in profile pages as shown:

To access the settings you need to follow a few steps 

WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> BuddyPress Simple Events

showing BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin setting option

This Plugin offers many settings for enhancing the event and making the event easier to post and manage. 

Settings we can manage in this Plugin

Selecting the Users by their role.

Everyone accessing the site will not be given the permissions to post events otherwise the database at the admin dashboard will get messed up with irrelevant events. For this problem it has the restriction part in the setting that disallows some of the users to post any event on their pages.

Hiding the event’s exact Location

Not only posting multiple events is an issue but location sharing may be a concern in many cases. For solving problems of this type the admin could disable the location option.

Selecting Fields

For a quick posting and confirming the event user can reduce its fields that are shown on the events page during new event creation.

BuddyPress Simple Events Plugin
showing bp simple event plugin settings option

Where Can We See the  Event options? BP Simple Event Plugin Frontend

The Event tab is seen on the profile of every member who is allowed to post an event. This Tab also has the three sub-tabs divided to represent the Upcoming Event, Archived or closed events and Last Is Create a New Event.

BP Simple Event Plugin Frontend
showing  Event option  Frontend

Upcoming Events

This tab will display every event that has not yet happened or future upcoming events. In these events anyone who is interested can go and join with prior permissions of admin.

Archived Events

Every event that has passed out and expired will be displayed as archived. No new entries are allowed to these events.

How To Create Event On BuddyPress Using  Simple Event BuddyPress Plugin

To create event go to event >>create event. Title and description are required field by default but you can also mark other field as a required field from backend setting. Other than admin who else can create event can decide by admin only from backend setting.

Simple Event BuddyPress Plugin
showing to create event using buddypress

This Tab will Enable the user to create a new event and publish on any date of its choice and allow anyone who requests to join the event. 

Upcoming Event

Once event created it will get moved to upcoming event section including your description and other important fields.

Simple Event BuddyPress Plugin
showing upcoming event

Events Posted As Activity

Every new event posted by the user will be displayed on the activity page as a post and this post can be seen by anyone who is a part of their site.

buddypress event plugin
showing upcoming event from main activity page

How does The Event Form look Like?

The event form is very simple and easy to post as it has limited fields and no complicated structure or procedure. This form has the normal fields such as :

  • Title Of The Event
  • Event Description
  • Date Of The Event
  • Time Of The Event
  • Location To Organize This Event
  • Website URL For More Details
  • Category of the Event
buddypress event plugin
showing buddypress simple event plugin complete form

When the event is created then it will be displayed on the profile page with proper Structure and easy to understand manner.

It will include every field in the proper manner and will not look different from the default template of your theme.

Website Link is highlighted and the category mentioned could also be accessed directly from the created event. Every event that is created will be displayed when clicked on the category name.

A New Post Type Is created for the Events that enhance the cross-checking of events posted by the users.

buddypress simple event plugin
showing new post type option from dashboard

Admin can also access the events from the back-end and thus he can also modify the changes through edit option provided in every event.

bp simple event plugin
showing created event from backend

At last, its Widget feature impresses the most which will let you view all events from any page directly. No need to visit the profile page or any other page. Just log in to the site and visit your event. Apart from this if you want to get notify when someone mark your content as a favorite you can use another free plugin called BuddyPress Favourite Notification.

Widget Option
showing buddypress simple event widget setting
bp simple event plugin
showing upcoming event widget frontend


Event sharing with other members of the website is made very simple in this plugin. This plugin also manages the event on the front end that is good for the admin as it reduces the admin involvement in these activities.

Another interesting thing that this plugin provides is the widget that could be attached anywhere on any page for a quick view of any upcoming event.

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