Match Me For BuddyPress Plugin Review

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There are so many people who want a person or a group who could match their needs and fulfill their necessary requirements. But searching over a large platform for such people is not an easy task. One of the alternatives for this could be your own known group of people.

Whenever there is a need to meet your requirement then you may go for alternatives instead of finding an exact solution to this problem. According to the social media report for the friend’s list it is clear that anyone who loves singing discovers that there are millions of followers who love singing too. So finding an exact match is not a difficult task.

What do you like? What do you share? Where do you live? Your favorite color…

These are the general questions on the basis of which anyone searches for their match. 

How Match Me For BuddyPress Plugin Helpful?

When searching for the people who match your skills, interests, or locations then you don’t record the percentage of the amount that you are matching with that person.

But keeping a record and showing the percentage amount to you for the match is provided by this plugin.

BuddyPress plugin not only tracks your percentage match but your overall profile fields that are matching will be in front of you and you could continue your plans with that person.

What problem does this Plugin Solve?

For trusting someone who is unknown it offers an advantage by informing you about your percentage level with which another person is matching your interests and performing the work that you do to entertain yourself.

This plugin brings a whole new solution for increasing the chances of friendships and making your circle full of people who match you.


BuddyPress or Buddyboss Platform is needed to use this plugin.

Download BuddyPress

How To Reach Plugin Settings

First of all, install this plugin from here

After installation let’s get to the plugin functionalities

When we tested the options that are provided for profiles of the user  then we found them working in profile pages as shown:

Access the settings by following a few steps 

WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> BP Match

plugin setting

Where Do these Fields be Updated?

For updating these fields there are two ways possible with Reign Theme because it enables more field options for completing the profile page:

  • Backend Update through admin by visiting every user one by one and clicking on Extended profile



  • Another way is to let the user update the fields itself from the Front end Profile page.


There are three sub-nav options created under the edit tab of the profile. These fields could be filled and on the basis of which the match % will be decided.

Match Me For BuddyPress Plugin Review

How To Use Match Me for BuddyPress

When the logged-in user approaches the Members page then he will find that every member whom he knows is listed there. Now, the question arises as to who is matching him the most and whom should he send the friend request. 

For solving this mentally confusing approach a “Calculate Match” button is added near the member’s name which will calculate the percentage that is matching your profile.

There is no effort needed to push that little button and calculate the percentage. It will produce the result in just a few milliseconds and you will be sure about the extent that a person’s profile is matching you. Thus you don’t have to search a lot by entering into each and every profile and finding who is similar to you.

Not only your time but your brain’s workload too will be utilized very less and you will get what you need.

Match Me For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Your Calculated percentage will also be displayed on the profile page of the member. The percentage display is finely adjusted with the template of your theme and thus looks like the part of the profile page.

Match Me For BuddyPress Plugin Review

What Additional Benefit Does This Plugin Offers?

It offers an additional feature that will make the percentage display possible on any page through a widget. As it provides a shortcode [mp_match_percentage]. This shortcode could be very helpful for someone who wants to perform the match using a widget.


After using this plugin it is very easy to tell who is similar to you and who can help you to perform any activity that you are good at. Similar interests of people make them plan everything with the same thinking level and with the same priorities. Thus, it makes it more Convenient to guess whom to approach with regard to a problem.

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