Paid Membership Pro Plugin Review

Paid Membership Pro Plugin

Online Business consists of online payment process and are generally handled by some parties which provide limited resources. Therefore, it causes so many problems during checkout. To bring a solution for this problem, Paid Memberships Pro has brought a whole new concept of providing an unlimited source of income through its versatile membership features that include the member participation from any level or background including the terms and policies of the company. As an Admin of your site, you can make restrictions to the user’s access to the site by providing the deadline to the member’s login duration.

Every member who enters the site will work for a certain time period. After that time duration, he may end up with his project and discontinue using the site. For this they only take membership for that particular time period. This access permission is granted with this membership plugin.

Benefits Of Paid Memberships Plugin

  • Membership levels

By providing Membership level this plugin lets you set up the membership levels that best fit your business, whether they are one-time payments or recurring subscriptions (annual, monthly, weekly, daily). You can even offer custom trial periods including Free Trials, Custom-length Trial, or ‘Introductory’ Pricing trials.

  • So many ways to get paid

Other than the membership levels they provide a very good payment integration with international checkout systems like PayPal, Stripe,, Braintree, or 2Checkout.

  • Access Restrictions

Membership levels provide restricted access to members-only content (including pages, posts, categories, videos, forums, downloads, support, single-page access, and more).

  • Onsite Data Updation

Members can update their billing information or cancel their accounts directly on their live site itself. Their active subscription will be canceled at the payment gateway also.

  • Huge Library of Add-Ons

Membership plugin provides a large no. of premium and free add-ons to extend the features of your membership site. This integration is possible with more than 70 add-ons available directly from the Paid Memberships Pro’s Add-On tab

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

  • Integration with email marketing platforms

Additional no. of members can be Integrated with email marketing platforms including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and GetResponse.

  • Allows Affiliate marketing

For getting more leads and credits it provides addons to reward its affiliating sources. This enhances business growth and more people come to know about your business.

How To Access the Paid Memberships Pro Moderation Options?

Once the installation and activation part gets completed, the settings can be moderated and hence they are easily visible with a  separate post type on the WordPress Dashboard with label “Memberships”.

Click on it to open the Paid Memberships Pro’s settings and there you will find tabs that will perform the rest of moderations to the membership features on the site.

From setting up the plugin on different pages to the member data record maintenance, everything can be managed on this part of the WordPress Dashboard.

Tabs included on the dashboard are:

Paid Memberships Pro Dashboard

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

In this Dashboard, the direct setting and member level creation options can be seen. Here the admin can see the direct options to the other settings and also the validity period of the plugin.

Members Record

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

When a new member makes enrollment to the plans, then his ID is directly created under this tab and from here the admin can manage the expiry dates and other actions that are required to handle the Registered members.

Orders initiated

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

When the member chooses any level then it is mentioned under this tab as an ordered entity with all the user’s attributes.


Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Statistical data is also controlled by this plugin itself. For this, they have a Report Tab that maintains records of purchase in numerical value that makes it easy to remember and perform further activities to grow your business.


Under this setting tab there are other sub-tabs that provide different options to create Levels, Set pages, Give discount codes, payment gateway options, email Source options and some more advanced options to do other tasks like notification handling and other alerts management.

  • Levels

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Level option provides the option to create new levels for the users to pay at the time of registration.

  • Discount Codes

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

For granting a few relaxations during the payment process, this Discount option puts an additional discount over the real price.

  • Pages

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Paid Memberships Pro provides an option to set the pages itself or set it manually by creating new pages or applying to the existing pages.

  • Payment Gateways & SSL

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Payment Gateway option allows the admin to select any gateway that best suits the payment criteria of the site. For testing, it provides a “Test Payment“ option to the admin.

  • Email

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

In email settings, the source and the default sender’s name can also be set so that the greeting email can be successfully sent with a professional outlook.

  • Advance Settings

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Advanced setting includes the option of providing more fields like- ReCaptcha, hiding Ads for the members, or sending a message to the non-logged in members when they are accessing the pages.


Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

Every new Add-On for the Paid Memberships Pro is visible under the Add-On tab. There are already more than 70 addons available. Among them some are free and some are Paid. Installation is very easy.


Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

For getting full access to the features and templates of this plugin, make sure you have the License. This will enhance the working strength of this plugin on site.

How To Use Paid Membership Pro Plugin?

To get to the functioning of this plugin, you need to first create a Level that could be shown over the site for the new membership.

For this, Just Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Membership >> Settings >> Levels >> Add New Level

  • After this just fill out the necessary details that are asked here. These details are shown on front-end for the Selection of the plan by the new member on site.

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

  • Once these details are filled, then the membership pages are needed to be set (it is recommended to use an auto-setup of the page)
  • After these pages are set, then visit the yoursite/membership-plan/ and there you will find the list of your plans with rates, dates left, and other remarks.

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

For the new member who wants to join the site or wants to engage with the plans, he needs to fill the form that includes details such as name, contact details, and payment gateway selection. This form will create a different user ID to the new member through which he can log in further.

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

When every Procedure is completed, then the user can see that his profile is created and he is logged in with a user name and has got every possible access to the site.

Paid Memberships Pro Plugin Review

These plans and records are maintained under the admin panel “ members” tab whose settings are mentioned above.

Once the member is created, then these member’s attributes are also updated on the Dashboard of Paid Memberships Pro Plugin also.

paid membership pro

Other than this, the user can also cancel his plan any time he wants to from the front end.

Wrapping Up

After using this plugin, it is clear that creating and handling any new user is simple and easy and there are many ways to get payment from the new members who are getting registered. Creating a membership level is a good option to rent out resources of a site to anyone for a few months or for years. This will generate huge revenue with a live site functional.

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