Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce Plugin Review

Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce

When so many visitors are coming to your online store, then it is for sure that the amount of data they have is also too big. For handling this data admin need to keep track of these records. But when you are selling goods online then there are so many customers who don’t feel likely to fill details every time they visit the shop. For making their shopping more relaxing and easy Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce plugin has provided a feature of auto-syncing profile data of the logged-in user on the checkout page.

This plugin will automatically sync all the field details to the checkout field without an advanced level of setting.

It provides a setting that just lets the admin select which fields will be auto-filled in the checkout form of the shop.

Useful BuddyPress Addons


This plugin requires BuddyPress and WooCommerce Plugin installed on your WordPress Site.


To install vibe Buddypress Woocommerce plugin go to your wp dashboard>>plugins>>add new. After then install and activate.

vibe BuddyPress Woocommerce plugin
showing vibe buddypress woocommerce plugin

How To Reach Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce Settings?

After activating the plugin, visit directly to the settings part of Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce.

WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> Vibe Bp Woo Sync

Vibe Bp Woo Sync
showing Vibe Bp Woo Sync setting option

Here you can see the options in the drop-down to select the fields that will be auto-filled in the checkout area of the shop.

When these fields are selected, the plugin starts functioning on the live site directly.

By clicking on the Button “ Add BuddyPress profile field map with WooCommerce profile fields”, you can select as many fields as you want from the drop-down available.

buddypress woocommerce
showing list of  fields available

There is a cross button available to remove the fields mapped.

The proper order is given to understand which field is auto-applied to which field.

The left-hand side is for the WooCommerce Fields and the right is for BuddyPress field.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Plugin
showing woocommerce and buddypress profile field

Initially, BuddyPress provides a limited amount of fields but you can increase your fields with the pro plugin available for WordPress site. Make sure to choose premium plugins that will support your community genuinely. You can extend BuddyPress profile fields using the BuddyPress Profile pro plugin. We are using this plugin in many high-quality community sites for a better experience.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Plugin

Once you will activate this plugin, then your fields will be extended more, and no need to put extra effort into the coding part.

BuddyPress WooCommerce Plugin

Using Vibe BuddyPress WooCommerce Plugin

Now, it is time to check whether our integration is properly working or not.

For that, we need to visit the shop and select a few products from there.

vibe buddypress woocommerce
showing woocommerce shop page

Click to the checkout button and then wait for a while and then you will see the fields are auto-filled.

This shows that the plugin is properly functioning and we can get a detailed checkout receipt without much effort.

buddypress woocommerce vibe
showing checkout page

Customers will find it easy and the checkout speed will also boost up multiple times. When the checkout page is auto-loaded with the information then the customer has to only do payment for the product.

vibe buddypress woocommerce
showing details are automatically filled

For the confirmation about the fields that are auto-filled, you can visit the Back-end user profile area and see the details that are automatically fetched.

WordPress Dashboard >> Users >> Your Profile

vibe buddypress woocommerce
showing user details that are auto sync from user profile page to checkout page

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Wrapping Up

When we were using this BuddyPress Woocommerce  plugin, our site has got more than the expected no. of visitors. This is not due to the speed of our site but due to the faster transaction speed.

The easy it is will be to fill the details, the faster will be the payment. Once the payment is done then the customer no need to wait for a long time over the site. Similarly, other customers can follow the checkout at the same time. Site engagement will increase and payment hold will be reduced

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