Top WordPress intranet theme 2020

If you are looking to create a secure workspace for your staff or members of your community, we share a collection of best Intranet WordPress themes in this article. Having a secure website to represent your business makes you stay competitive and ahead of those who haven’t created a web resource yet. Create your website with WordPress Intranet themes equipped with all the necessary plugins, add-ons and hassle-free customization.

WordPress Intranet themes include all the communication, networking, and interactive features that you are looking for.  Once your WordPress Intranet theme is set up, your users will be able to log in, access the secure content, connect with each other, and interact with the optional features such as events calendars, project management tools, discussion boards, file storage facilities and much more. Install the best WordPress Intranet theme for your site.

All Intranet WordPress themes mentioned below are fully responsive and mobile friendly, which makes it easy to access on mobile devices. Know in brief about Intranet themes and how they allow you to enable and disable features according to the needs of your project. Select a suitable theme for your website from below as per your requirement.

1. BuddyX

BuddyX is amazing and a unique WordPress Intranet theme useful to build social networking and community websites. This theme has full flexibility, control and freedom to make changes. This theme is fully customizable. You can easily create your own social network, membership, social community and more for all niches.

BuddyX theme supports LearnDash which makes it easy to create an online community website for students using pre-built layouts without any coding knowledge. This theme is mobile-friendly, fast loading and is suitable for all types of community. It is designed with attractive header styles that make your site look more interactive. It is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well as the Gutenberg Editor. You can easily enhance the look of your site by editing it with the latest WYSIWYG editor. Try this amazing theme to create your site.

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2.  Woffice

Woffice is a multi-purpose intranet WordPress theme that includes all the features you need. Woffice theme helps to set up your intranet without much effort at all. Woffice is a powerhouse of an intranet-building tool. It includes customizable login pages which keeps your private content secure, while the Office dashboard area will ensure your users can find all the information they need. It perfectly works with a drag-n-drop dashboard. It includes a custom login page, Files Manager, Calendar, e-Commerce and BuddyPress network integration.

Woffice theme helps you to manage projects online and add events to a calendaring system. It is one of the best intranet WordPress themes as it has all the community functionality, it’s easy to support multiple user accounts, create spaces for your users to communicate, and manage their accounts themselves. It comes with lots of plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, LearnDash and more. BuddyPress plugin helps you to build any kind of community like member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging and many more. This theme provides access to a full set of user documentation to help you build an intranet with WordPress.

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3. BuddyApp

BuddyApp easy and mobile friendly WordPress Intranet Theme. Users can easily access the website portal with the help of BuddyApp theme. It includes a live search feature that makes it very easy to find content, a live chat tool for instant messaging within your portal, and responding to messages. It has a live customizer which provides versatile options for changing color schemes, header image, logo, and much more.

BuddyApp theme uses a powerful BuddyPress plugin. It is fully customized through the theme options and with the Visual Composer page builder plugin. The design of BuddyApp is a well-supported and regularly updated intranet theme that’s ideal for building responsive online hubs. It provides a wide range of social networking style features to make your site more interactive.

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4.  Alliance

Alliance is a clean and simple WordPress Intranet theme. This theme helps to launch your private intranet with WordPress in just a few clicks. You can easily add all the features, tools and content templates to your WordPress website. You can import user accounts in bulk to make it easy for your staff to access the intranet or give your users the ability to sign-up and create their accounts themselves.

It has the ability to deliver online courses and learning materials. It provides full control over how the user dashboard looks and works. This theme can be easily customized using the drag-and-drop Visual Composer page builder tool. It is compatible with the events calendar and countdown shortcode. The online Alliance demo provides a great overview of how this theme works; giving you a good opportunity to decide if this is the right tool to help you launch an intranet WordPress theme.

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5. Micro Office

Micro Office is a popular WordPress Intranet theme having three website layouts to ensure your WordPress-powered intranet has the right design and features. This theme is a great choice for your community as it mainly focuses on performance and usability. It is fully responsive so that you can access it on any device. Micro Office has a very modern design that will help it appeal to organizations that need an innovative intranet site.

Micro Office is compatible with Visual Composer. This theme is easy to install and maintain. This theme is SEO-optimized, multilingual, supports several custom plugins to save your money. This layout is fully responsive and Retina ready. It is perfect for high-pixel-density displays. You can easily create different spaces in your intranet site through the Micro Office tools and features.

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6.  Thrive

Thrive is a modern and attractive WordPress Intranet theme that provides a professional look to your site. It has a bright and stylish color scheme and background images. It provides full support for file management, storage, and access. You can also share documents among your team and collaborate on projects.

Thrive theme has been built for maximum compatibility with the LearnDash and BuddyPress plugin. This plugin is useful to add countless interactive features to make your website. This theme is best for your site as it has high quality appearance, user profile and many other attractive features. It comes with a secure login, WooCommerce integration, WP-Polls, bbPress, Visual musician drag and drop page builder and more.  

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7. OneCommunity

OneCommunity is an amazing WordPress Intranet theme. This theme has a modular design and is mobile friendly. You can easily drag-and-drop the design components that you want to customize your site. It includes private chat, page templates, drop-down menus, color schemes and more attractive features.

 OneCommunity allows users to access your resources and content from their smartphones on the go. It comes with powerful plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and more. This theme also includes best features like color editing, speed booster and a one-click ready site. It has everything that you need to run a high performance and well-designed website.

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8.  UnitedCommunity

 UnitedCommunity is an elegant and easy-to-use WordPress Intranet theme crafted with care to fulfill your entire requirement. This theme is highly flexible, versatile, modern and an easy to customize solution for creating a community network.  It is BuddyPress forum editor compatibility.

UnitedCommunity has a flexible modular layout that allows you to use shortcodes with the other WordPress themes. Being integrated with page builder, it lets you customize the main page without coding skills. It is fully compatible with a WooCommerce plugin so that you’ll get a bulk of options for creating an online store. You can limit the access to your members only if you create an intranet network. To make access to your members limited, go with internal network creation.

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With the rise in popularity of social networking sites like Facebook, many web users have higher expectations than ever before when using intranets or online community hubs. If you need to create a secure space where your staff members or other people from your community can congregate, select the best intranet WordPress themes from above. The above themes have in-built functionality. They all are well designed & easy to use. You’ll also find a good set of customization settings and tools to simplify the process of personalizing your intranet website. So try out these WordPress themes & finalize the best one for your work!

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