MediaPress Plugin Review


Uploading media is the most common trait for communities, forums, and social networking websites nowadays. With these media, you can share your images, videos, and any other interactive content to share and express your thoughts. Media makes your website rich and attractive and also gains a lot more attention from the users in comparison to only texts.

Media is also important for our website from the SEO point of view. Because search engines also expect websites to have media to perform their searches more quickly and efficiently. Of course, don’t overuse them, just the right amount is enough. BuddyPress is also a community plugin for WordPress, but it doesn’t allow users to upload media, that’s by design.

But you can achieve it by using the MediaPress plugin very easily. MediaPress plugin is easy to install and manage media galleries. It also uses shortcodes to display galleries on your custom pages and also gives an upload media option for BuddyPress activities post.

Features of MediaPress

  1. Front-End media upload and gallery-creation
  2. Allows adding videos into BuddyPress activities from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.
  3. Extensive Admin Options
  4. Easily Extensible
  5. Easy to Extend API
  6. Drag and Drop Uploader
  7. Shortcodes and Widgets support
  8. Post Images/Audio/Videos/Docs to BuddyPress activities

MediaPress Settings

You can access MediaPress plugin settings by navigating to wp-admin > MediaPress > Settings. Here, you can find different tabs related to different settings and components of your site. Let’s take a quick look at them.


In the General Section, you will find Component Settings, Privacy Settings, Media Type Settings, Media Size Settings, Storage Settings, Media Add/Upload Settings, and Misc Settings. From these options, you can Enable Galleries for SideWide Galleries, User Galleries, and Group Galleries, and also Gallery Types. You can allow Media Statuses, change Media Sizes settings, allow particular media formats, etc.


Sitewide Gallery

In the Sitewide Gallery Option, there are different settings that you can tweak. This tab has General Settings, Types Settings, Sitewide Gallery Default View. Here, you can change the layout of the media galleries, allow specific types of media only, or enable Gallery Archive, etc.

sitewide gallery


In BuddyPress Settings Tab, there are Directory Settings, Activity Settings, Activity Media List View, Miscellaneous Settings. Here are a couple of options that you can change such as changing the activity media list view layout, Enable/Disable BuddyPress Activity Media Upload, or Enable Gallery directory, etc.

MediaPress Plugin Review

Members Gallery

You change Member’s Gallery settings from here. You can enable specific media types to upload for members, change the default view of media layout, etc. The Members Gallery has Type Settings and Members Gallery Default Settings.

MediaPress Plugin Review


We can say that, here you will find the global settings for MediaPress and its galleries, either related to layout or listings, etc. It includes Display Settings, Audio/Video Specific Settings, Comment Settings, Lightbox Settings.

MediaPress Plugin Review

MediaPress Tools

MediaPress also provides you with a great informative tool which gives you the information about your WordPress version, Settings log, Plugins information, all in one place. Just Navigate to wp-admin > MediaPress > Tools.

MediaPress Plugin Review

MediaPress Add Ons

There are a plethora of add-ons from which you can extend the functionalities of MediaPress. Some of them are Free and as well as Paid but they offer their best plugins with the affordable pricing too. Let’s take a look at some MediaPress Add-Ons:

  1. MediaPress Media Moderator
  2. MediaPress Media View Counter
  3. MediaPress Media Rating
  4. MediaPress Featured Content
  5. MediaPress Set Profile Photo
  6. MediaPress myCRED Addon
  7. MediaPress Downloadable Media
  8. MediaPress Upload Terms of Service
  9. MediaPress S2Member Storage Limit
  10. MediaPress Flexible Storage Limit
  11. MediaMark: Watermarking Solution for MediaPress
  12. MediaPress Paid Memberships Pro Restrictions

Posting Media

MediaPress plugin allows users to Post Audio, Video, and Photos from the Activities Feed. You can post media on any activity page, either in the main community Activity, Group Activity or Member’s Profile Activity page.

Just make sure that you have the Allow Activity Upload option to Yes. You can easily find it in wp-admin > MediaPress > Settings > BuddyPress Tab.

MediaPress Plugin Review

MediaPress Plugin Review

Adding Media/Galleries

MediaPress plugin allows you to upload Images, Videos, and audio and Docs type media, but you can add galleries from wp-admin > MediaPress > Add Photo Gallery / Add Video Gallery / Add Audio Gallery.

Select a Name for the Gallery, Upload the media, and click Publish.

MediaPress Plugin Review

Display Media

MediaPress generates shortcodes for every media and media gallery but also it provides you with a dedicated widget to display these media galleries at any of your sidebar or widget. Let’s take a look at both of the methods:

Using Shortcodes

  1. To find the shortcode for media gallery navigate to wp-admin > MediaPress > All Galleries. Now Edit any gallery that you want to display.MediaPress Plugin Review
  2. At the right sidebar, you should be able to see a Shortcode Widget with a specific shortcode generated.MediaPress Plugin Review
  3. Copy that shortcode and paste it in any page/post while Publishing/Editing.MediaPress Plugin ReviewMediaPress Plugin Review

Using Widget

  1. You can find a dedicated MediaPress Widget in wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets.

MediaPress Plugin Review

  1. Drag and Drop Media or Gallery Widget to any of your sidebar.MediaPress Plugin Review
  2. Also, the Widget offers some options to change.MediaPress Plugin Review
  • Select Component
    You can choose either between Sitewide Galleries or User Galleries.
  • Select Type
    You can choose the type of media to showcase such as Photo, Video, Audio.
  • Select Status
    Also, you can choose to showcase private or public media as well.
  • Media of
    You can also choose whose media you can show. Possible parameters are Everyone, Logged In User, and Displayed User.
  • Per Page
    Limit Media to showcase per page.
  • Order By
    You can also define the listing order between Alphabet, Date, Random.
  • Sort Order
    You can also sort the order according to Ascending or Descending.

Wrapping Up

MediaPress has over 3000+ Active Installations and keeps on upgrading/updating and growing to maximize its performance. It indeed proved to be a decent plugin in the area of Media Upload and Posting. We highly recommend you use it and try its some other add-ons as well extending its resources, functionalities, and boundaries.

If you have any doubts about this plugin, you can always query in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading.

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