WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration AddOn Review

BuddyPress Integration AddOn

WooCommerce and Buddypress both are major plugins for WordPress. They include some great features which drastically change your WordPress website. BuddyPress is a community site plugin that allows you to connect with other members of your community and share activities with them. On the other hand, WooCommerce allows you to convert your site into a full-fledged online store. You can integrate different types of payment gateways, product varieties, and variations, etc.

WooCommerce and BuddyPress don’t have any conflicts and work very well and independently on the same site. Although, you can still be able to make a compatibility bridge between them with WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Add-On.

With this addon, your BuddyPress members can easily manage their orders from their profiles. They can also manage their Shop’s Account information for your site. Admins can also tweak various options from the back-end very easily and efficiently.


This Addon requires WooCommerce as well as BuddyPress plugins to be installed and activated on your site.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration AddOn In-Depth Review

Let’s take a look in detail what this plugin offers and how it plugin works.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Settings

This addon allows you to change some of the options from the backend. You can access its settings through wp-admin > WC4BP > WC4BP Settings.

1. WC4BP Settings

This tab has the options only available for the premium version of the addon. These are some worthy options to consider while building a community-based shop.

  1. Shop Settings
    You can disable Shop entirely, or Shop Tab, WooCommerce MyAccount redirection, Change Shop URL or Shop label.
  2. Remove Shop Tabs
    In this section, you can disable particular tabs displayed on your Shop Tab in your profile page such as Cart Tab, Checkout Tab, Addresses, Downloads, etc.
  3. Turn Off Profile Sync
    Disabling this option will cause the addon to no longer store any billing and shipping address for particular users and deletes them immediately.
  4. Default Thank You
    This option will override the default WooCommerce Thank You page after a successful purchase with your preference.
  5. Default Shop Tab
    This option will override the default Shop Tab when the user clicks on it with your preference.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

2. Profile Fields Sync

This addon also gives you the flexibility to perform synchronization whenever you want. Also, you can change field visibility from here.


3. Integrate Pages

WooCommerce for BuddyPress also allows you to add your custom pages to display them in the member’s profile page. Those pages could be from other WooCommerce extensions or plugins for better user-experience.

integrate pages

4. Delete

If you did something uncalled for, then this option will save you. As the name says, it will delete all the settings from the WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration in a single click. Just be cautious before using it.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Addon also provides you with basic but detailed information about your website including server, addon settings, versions, and much more. You find this option in wp-admin > WC4BP > Status. Moreover, you can export these settings to store in your local system.


Add Ons

There are a couple of more free as well as paid add ons/extensions that extend the features of this integration. Some of them are:

  1. BuddyForms WooCommerce Simple Auction
  2. WC4BP Groups
  3. BuddyForms WooCommerce Form Elements
  4. WC4BP Subscriptions
  5. BP WC Vendors
  6. WC4BP Bookings
  7. and more…

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Front-End

BuddyPress community members will be able to access their shop’s information such as their shop’s account settings, orders, order tracking, etc directly from their BuddyPress profile page. A shop will appear for them to access the WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration features.

Shopping Cart

The items added to the member’s cart will be listed here.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


A Checkout tab is also integrated for users to easily process their payments.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

Track your Order

You can also very easily track your order through here. You just need to fill the order ID and the corresponding billing email address.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


Every order that you have completed will be listed here. You can very easily check your order history through this tab.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


Every Digital purchase history will list here. Digital purchases such as songs, applications that are available for exclusive downloads only.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


Members can very easily edit his/her Billing and Shipping Address through this tab. So, he/she will not have to provide the address in future purchases as it will be filled automatically.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration

Payments Method

As most of the giant e-commerce websites save your payment methods and details for you to easier checkouts, this Integration also provides you to choose a default payment method for a member and stores his/her payment details.

payment method

Account Details

Through this tab, you can change some basic information for the website’s shop such as name, email, and passwords, etc.

WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration


Now we know how much we needed this addon for our site filling the missing gap between these two. Combining the comfort of your BuddyPress community with the reach of your WooCommerce store, it will do wonders for your online community cum store.

If you have any queries regarding this addon then feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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