Online Community Building Tools

Best Online Community Building Tools 2024

Online community building tools are software and applications that enable individuals or organizations to create, grow and manage online communities. These tools typically include features like discussion forums, messaging systems, member profiles, event management, and analytics. The goal of these tools is to foster engagement, collaboration, and support among community members.

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Best Online Community Building Tools 2024

Here are eight of the best online community building tools:

1. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is an all-in-one platform for creating and managing online communities. It provides tools for creating custom websites, discussion forums, events, courses, and memberships. With Mighty Networks, community builders can create a branded community that matches their unique needs. Members can participate in discussions, connect with like-minded individuals, and access resources that are relevant to their interests. The platform also includes features such as polls, surveys, and analytics to help community builders understand their members and create a more engaging experience.

2. Disciple

Disciple is an online community building platform that enables individuals and businesses to create their own branded communities. It provides a suite of features such as discussion forums, events management, polls, live chat, and file sharing. The platform allows users to create and manage their own custom mobile apps and web-based communities, and it also integrates with popular social media networks. Disciple is designed to help businesses and individuals build deeper connections with their followers and customers by providing a safe and engaging space for them to connect and interact.

3. Circle

Circle is an online community platform that enables users to create, manage, and grow their own communities. It provides features such as real-time chat, video conferencing, discussion forums, and member profiles. Circle’s platform is designed to be customizable and flexible, allowing users to tailor their communities to their specific needs. It also offers analytics and insights to help community managers track engagement and growth. The circle can be used for a variety of purposes, including professional networking, education, and customer support.

4. Tribe

Tribe is a community building platform that allows businesses and organizations to create their own online communities. It offers features such as discussion forums, member profiles, user-generated content, and analytics to track engagement and growth. Tribe also offers integration with various third-party apps and tools, including Zapier, Slack, and Google Analytics. It is designed to be customizable and scalable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and grow their community over time.

5. Hivebrite

Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management and engagement platform that allows organizations to create customized online communities. Its features include member directories, event management, fundraising tools, and integration with social media platforms. The platform also offers advanced analytics and reporting to help organizations track community engagement and measure the success of their initiatives. Additionally, Hivebrite offers customizable mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it easy for members to engage with the community on the go.

6. Kajabi

Kajabi is an online platform that enables users to create and market digital products and services such as online courses, membership sites, and coaching programs. It offers a suite of tools for course creation, website design, email marketing, and analytics. Kajabi also allows users to build a community around their products through its Community feature, which provides a discussion forum, user profiles, and messaging functionality. Users can customize the appearance of their community, moderate discussions, and engage with their audience. Kajabi aims to help entrepreneurs and content creators monetize their knowledge and expertise by providing a comprehensive platform for creating and selling digital products.

7. Slack

Slack is a popular team communication and collaboration platform that enables users to chat, share files and work on projects together in real-time. It is widely used by businesses, organizations, and teams to stay connected and organized, especially in remote work environments. Slack offers feature such as channels, direct messaging, file sharing, video, and voice calls, integrations with other tools and services, and more.

8. Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups is a free online community building tool that allows users to create private or public groups to connect with people who share similar interests. With Facebook Groups, users can share posts, photos, videos, and files, as well as organize events and conduct polls. Facebook Groups offers a range of features for managing and moderating groups, including the ability to add and remove members, restrict group access, and approve posts before they are published.

9. Thinkific

Thinkific is a cloud-based online course platform that allows anyone to create and sell courses on their own branded website. It offers a variety of features including customizable course creation, multimedia support, drip content, quizzes and surveys, certificates, and integrations with other tools such as payment processors and email marketing software. Thinkific also provides users with detailed analytics and reporting tools to track student progress and engagement, as well as a suite of marketing and promotional tools to help instructors sell their courses.

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Final Thoughts On Online Community Building Tools

Online community-building tools provide a valuable platform for individuals and organizations to connect with their audience and build a sense of community. The eight tools mentioned above, including Mighty Networks, Disciple, Circle, Tribe, Hivebrite, Kajabi, Slack, and Facebook Groups, offer unique features and functionalities to help users build, manage, and engage with their online communities. When selecting the best tool for your needs, it’s important to consider factors such as your budget, audience size, and desired features. Ultimately, the success of your online community will depend on your ability to foster meaningful connections and engage with your members consistently over time.

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