AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin Review

AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

WordPress is a huge platform for building a website, it could be of any type from blogging to e-commerce, from community-forums to social-networking. But WordPress is most compatible with building a blogging website. There are a bunch of plugins that are available to enhance your blogging experience with WordPress.

One of the plugins is AccessPress Anonymous Post, which allows you to provide a post form for the members and anonymous or guest users to submit their posts and blogs from the front-end. They do not need to login to the WordPress Dashboard to add a new post. There are a number of customization options available for the post form and some other features. Let’s take a quick look at what this plugin actually offers:

Features of AccessPress Anonymous Post (FREE)

  1. Frontend-Form for Post Submission
  2. Field Selection
  3. Email Notification to admin after successful post submission
  4. Tags and Categories selection
  5. Mathematical and Google CAPTCHA available
  6. Shortcode Support
  7. Plugin option page

Features of AccessPress Anonymous Post (PREMIUM)

  1. Unlimited Forms
  2. Unlimited Custom Fields
  3. Drag and Drop Form Builder
  4. Full Secure Google CAPTCHA
  5. Inline Login option
  6. Suggested Text/Tooltips
  7. Admin and Users email notification customization options
  8. Custom Post Type and Taxonomy support
  9. Multiple Images, Videos, Audios without login

AccessPress Anonymous Post In-Depth Review

AccessPress Anonymous Post Settings

The plugin offers different options and settings to tweak up post form styles, fields, notifications, and much more. You can access AccessPress Anonymous Post Settings in wp-admin > AccessPress Anonymous Post > AccessPress Anonymous Post.

General Settings

  • Form Title: Change the Form Title to your preference.
  • Post Publish Status: Change the Post Submission status between Publish, Pending, Draft, Private.
  • Post Format: Change the Post Format into Standard, Image, Audio, Video, etc.
  • Admin Notification: Enable/Disable Admin Notifications after every successful post submission.
  • Allow Media Uploads: As the name suggests, allows media such as Image, Audio, Video to upload.
  • Check Login: Enable/Disable Login Required for Post Submission.
  • Login Message: Customize Login Message.
  • Login Text Link: Customize the URL of Login Link.
  • Autofill Logged in Author Details: The login author details will be filled automatically.
  • Plugin Styles: Allow Default AccessPress Post Form styling.
  • Redirect URL: Customize the Redirect URL, i.e., the user will be redirected to the mentioned page after post submission.
  • Post Submission Message: Customize the text message after post submission.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

Form Settings

You can also customize the fields to display on the post form. Mark them as required and also you can change the required message. The following are the fields that you can customize:

  1. Post Title
  2. Post Content
  3. Post Excerpt
  4. Post Image
  5. Author Name
  6. Author URL
  7. Author Email
  8. Post Category
  9. Post Tags

AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

Captcha Settings

AccessPress Anonymous Post plugin also offers you to enable a CAPTCHA code verification for your post submissions. There are two options available for Captcha Verification, through any random and easy Mathematical question or a Google Captcha. You can also change the Captcha box Label and the Error Message for the wrong Captcha code.

AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

AccessPress Anonymous Post Shortcode

We have explained all of the Anonymous Post Features and Settings but we haven’t told you where this post form will appear, right? Well, in order to display the post form for users to submit their posts, you have to paste the following shortcode while you Edit or Publish a Page.


AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

AccessPress Anonymous Post Plugin

Anonymous Post Submission Status

Admins can change the post submission status from the back-end, only if the Post Submission Status is set to Pending in the General Settings.

To change the post submission status, navigate to wp-admin > Posts > All Posts. Here, you can Quick Edit the Pending Post and change its status to Publish.

Post submission


To conclude, we highly recommend you using AccessPress Anonymous Post if you are willing to build a public blogging website. It will be a perfect choice in order to enhance your members’ and visitors’ experience. Users can publish their thoughts and perspectives in their blog posts which will provide you a vast experience of blogs.

Also, the premium version of the AccessPress Anonymous Post is available at a very affordable pricing of 25$ which offers you a lot from the Free version, of course. Thanks for Reading!

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