BuddyPress Global Search Plugin Review

BuddyPress Global Search Plugin

Searching for any particular element in our site is the most annoying part of the search activity. There are so many pages to fetch and so many lines to visit during the fetch process but there are so many solutions that could make the searching very easy. Searching a normal site is not that difficult but when it comes to searching in the whole community however, you might end up wasting your whole day. But what if you know the name of the user, group, forum, tag, category, or any other thing that you want to search throughout the community. We have used BuddyPress Global search plugin to make our search more easy and efficient.

Here we have used a very good and efficient plugin that will solve almost every searching problem that arises in your queries during community discussions and activities in the community. You just need to visit your search bar and you are done.

It will let your members search through every BuddyPress component, along with pages and posts and custom post types of your choice, all in one unified search bar with a live dropdown of results.

For using this plugin you must have BuddyPress/ BuddyBoss Platform Plugins installed.

Settings provided by the BuddyPress Global Search plugin

Like all the other plugins this plugin doesn’t provide completed codes and labels. In this plugin, there are very general settings and they could be easily selected and brought to the default actions.

Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Buddyboss >> Global search

BuddyPress Global Search Plugin

These options include the visibility of the search box on these listed pages of BuddyPress.

Which item to be searched?

There are so many hierarchies available in pages also. You can provide another filter in them that will include the other pages included in those main BuddyPress pages

Global search


If you want to search only Blog Post then you posses the category option and other post meta option as well.

If you select the main page then every aspect will be automatically included(child part). The same applies to the other posts also.

The hierarchy goes like this for other pages:

Blog Post – Parent

Post meta


Post Tag

Post Format

Pages – Parent

Pages meta

Post Comments

Members – Parent



Single Field



Forum Topics



Every page or a page part can be included in the search and they will display the search results on the respective pages.

Do you want to show suggestions?

Sometimes it happens that a person forgets the spelling or any term related to that particular word which he wants to search. For that, they have provided a specific feature that will find the related terms that are included in that particular topic or the particular statement.

If you want to show suggestions then, how many?

The suggestions do not look very annoying and only the limited terms will be suggested for which the limitation of suggestion is given. This limitation can be set by the admin on the BuddyPress Global Search Plugin setting part.

How to use BuddyPress Global Search Plugin?

Putting this Search Box on any page is very simple

Just go to the WordPress Dashboard >> pages >> select any page >> click on add new block option >> choose search widget and Update that Page.

BuddyPress Global Search Plugin

After bringing your search box on the website you can check the performance of that by searching in that.

BuddyPress Global Search Plugin

We have also checked the auto-suggestions. Now let us see whether it is suggesting or not.


Yes! It is suggesting about the searched term.

We can use this plugin on any page and make our search for more community searching easy.

Price: Free

Download Now


This plugin has a widget like an approach that makes it more easily accessible and apply on any desired page. Its auto-suggestion feature lets the user search more easily any term that is not completely known or some part of the statement that missing in our minds.

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