Author Avatars List / Block Plugin Review

Author Avatars List _ Block Plugin Review

To make anything look unique, users prefer to give it a tag that will be marked right over the content. These marks could be their name, avatar, nickname, email, or any identity that will state that the content belongs to a special person. In a similar manner there are so many things that need to be labeled and marked genuine. For that, the user wants their identity beside it. Author Avatars List / Block Plugin will mark the presence over any page and tell that content belongs to the original author or to someone else. This plugin will surely help you to get to your expectations.

This plugin is beneficial for those who forget to mention their author identity after writing a post on your site.

Credit will be automatically awarded to the author of that post.

For a better experience of this plugin, you need to install BuddyPress on your WordPress site.

How To Apply Settings of the Authors Avatar List/block Plugin?

There are no such typical settings that are required to be applied. The plugin offers a widget that you can show anywhere over the page.

Author Avatars List

Steps To Follow:

Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Widgets >> Scroll down to the Author Avatars widget >> Click on it >>Select the place you want to apply the widget.

Author Avatars List

That’s it! You are done with the basics of the plugin.

When the widget is applied to your desired location then go to the widget where it is applied and again click on it for further settings.

Here you will find many options to filter out the attributes of the author avatars widget.


Other than this, here you will find the option to link the user to which page. By default it is set to the Author’s Page.

Author Avatars List

Key Features

Features included in this plugin are:

User Role

This option will let you select the users whom you want to display in the widget.

This role contains all the user types including the admin and the consumer.

User Display

On which page to display the user name, avatar, contact no, etc.

Shortening Order

This order will display the identity below the avatar.

Maximum no. of avatars

How many user avatars should be displayed can also be decided.

Bio Length Trimming

Shortening the length of the biography of the user so that it looks more attractive.

Minimum No. of Post to display

This will set the least no. of posts that will be displayed beside the user avatar.

What Attributes to display

Normal avatar is displayed and along with this admin can select the option for selecting other attributes like Display Name, Display nickname, etc.

Other than this it gives additional features to fetch the details from the BuddyPress profile Fields.

Avatar Resizing

Resize the avatar for a better display of the avatar image according to the posts over which it is displayed.

Hidden User

Some users can be kept hidden using the hidden option.

Display on the Front-End

Visit “”

Here you will find the widget applied on the widget area of the dashboard.

Clearly visible avatar image with the defined avatar dimension is there.

Author Avatars List

Modification in the attributes and checking whether it is fetching the profile details from the BuddyPress profile fields or not.

For checking the functionality of the Author avatar list/block plugin, we need to go to the widgets and again check some of the BP options that will be displayed on the front end.

Here we have modified two options to check whether it is fetching details from the BuddyPress pages or note.

  1. Enabled show name
  2. BP single field profile: Phone No.

Author Avatars List

When we moved to the main page where the widget was attached. Here the field attributes were clearly visible and they were properly aligned to the avatar image and they can be seen with proper display as expected.

Avatar image >> User name >> Phone No.

Author Avatars List

How To Use Shortcode?

Before applying the shortcodes, you must know the available shortcodes

The shortcode is a small code that is used to attach particular parts of the plugin anywhere on the site.

  • Here we have used the general shortcode of the Author Avatar List/block plugin


  • Only show users of a certain role

Display only users belonging to certain roles. Possible values in a default WordPress setup are administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber. Separate multiple values by a comma.

[authoravatars roles=administrator,editor]

  • Remove users from the list

Hide one or multiple users from the list. Both login names and user ids are allowed as values. Separate multiple values by a comma.

[authoravatars hiddenusers=admin]

  • The size of the avatar images

You can adjust the size of the avatar by specifying the avatar_size parameter.

[authoravatars avatar_size=25]

  • By default user avatars are linked to their Author Page. If your theme doesn’t support them or you don’t want to show them e.g. for subscribers, then you can easily disable them by setting this parameter to false.

[authoravatars link_to_authorpage=false]

  • Link user avatars to user website, blog or author page

With version 0.7, you can link users not only to their respective Author Page but also their website if available or blog on WordPress MU sites.

authorpage (default)



last_post_all  (wpmu only)

blog (wpmu only)

bp_memberpage (only if BuddyPress installed)

bppress_memberpage (only if bbpress installed)

um_profile (only if Ultimate Member is install)

any field in the get_the_author_meta that returns a URL ( contact info )

[authoravatars user_link=website]

[authoravatars user_link=website,last_post]

  • Show user names next to avatars

If you’d like to show the user display names next to the avatars, set the show_name parameter to true.

[authoravatars show_name=true]

  • Show user biographies next to avatars

If you’d like to show the user biographies next to the avatars, set the show_biography parameter to true.

[authoravatars show_biography=true]

  • Show the users’ post count next to their name

Set this option to true to show a user’s post count next to their name (in brackets). If the user name is not displayed (see “show_name” parameter) then the post count will be shown within the title of the image, i.e. it can be seen on mouse-over.

[authoravatars show_postcount=true]

  • Set a required minimum number of posts

With version 0.8, you can only show users who have a specified number of posts. This allows, for example, to hide all authors who have not written any posts yet.

[authoravatars min_post_count=1]

  • The maximum number of avatars shown

[authoravatars limit=3]

  • The order in which users are shown

Users are ordered by their display name A-Z by default. You can adjust this by changing this parameter. Possible values are:







post_count (0.7+),


date_registered (0.7+),




[authoravatars order=random]

  • Max number per page

With this set, paging markup (“< 1 2 3 4 5 >”) will be displayed below the avatars block.

The avatars are reloaded via ajax.

Note: this code is only used in the shortcode in page or post and not in a widget.

[authoravatars page_size=10]

  • The direction in which users are ordered

The sort direction, ascending or descending.

Valid values are “asc” or “ascending” (default) and “desc” or “descending”.

[authoravatars order=date_registered sort_direction=descending]

Now It is the time to check the shortcode by pasting it on any blog post.

For that go to the Dashboard >> select all posts >> to click on edit >> click on ‘+’ symbol to add a new block element with your editor.

Select the shortcode option and write [authoravatars] this shortcode to check whether this is visible on the front end or not.

Author Avatars List

After writing the shortcode, save the post and visit the page and look at the avatars displayed on the front page.

Author Avatars List

All the avatars of the users of the site will be displayed there and in proper order.

Author Avatars List

Price: FREE

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Wrapping UP

When the authors are displayed on their profile page then it looks great and when these authors are displayed other than profile page or we can say on any page that belongs to them or to which they are related, then it brings another level of satisfaction and understandability. Along with the widget, it has enhanced its feature with the shortcode and this brings great experience to the admin by allowing to apply it anywhere and any no. of times.

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