BuddyPress Default Data Plugin Review

BP Plugin

BuddyPress is a vast featured plugin that stores several types of data such as, members, posts, taxonomies, blogs, images, descriptions, member’s information, etc. Also, for testing purposes, in a local environment, it has always been a waste of time for the developers in the process of creating all these demo content. These demo content will work as a clone for the original data in your own local environment for testing.

The demo content will help you to give a look or check bugs for your themes and plugins. But creating all these data yourself could take a lot of time. So, here comes the BuddyPress Default Data plugin to rescue. BuddyPress Default Data can import multiple users’ data and group data, friends, friends connections, blog posts with just a single click.

What data could be imported?

This plugin uses different sources to fetch some of the fake data. The fake groups created with this plugin may have a movie name which is fetched from IMDB.com. Usernames are taken from Wikipedia, while posts, forum posts, and private messages from Lorem Ipsum. Some Posts may include videos, thanks to Youtube and Vimeo. Avatars are fetched from 8biticon.com. At last but not the least, some posts may include quotes from Proverbia.

Sometimes, importing large amounts of fake data could take a little time. But all in all, it will save you a lot of time. This plugin can import User’s data as well as Group data. 

User Data 

This plugin can import multiple users at a time with their own name, email, avatars, user roles. The passwords for all the users will still remain the same, i.e., 1234567890. 

1. Profile Data

Profile Data will be imported such as Date of Birth, Emails, Address, Avatars, etc.

2. Friends Connection

This plugin will create different friends connections, if the option is checked. 

3. Activity Posts

BuddyPress Default Data will help you to create some demo activity posts in no time.

4. Private Messages

Even fake private messages can be sent from one user to another.

Group Data

BuddyPress Default Data includes importing group data as well. It will help you create demo groups with members assigned to it. 

1. Members

Groups will have random members created in your site without taking any time.

2. Activity Posts

Fake posts for Group Activity feed will also be created from different and random members of the groups

3. Forums

BuddyPress Default Data can also help you in creating random forums with fake discussions in it.

Importing Data

  1. In order to import some fake data and make use of this plugin, you would have to navigate to wp-admin > Tools > BP Default Data
  2.  Check appropriate data you want to import
  3. Click Import Selected Data

BuddyPress Default Data Plugin

Clearing Data

  1. Clearing all this fake data is just the same process. Just navigate to wp-admin > Tools > BP Default Data
  2. Click Clear BuddyPress Data

clear data

Note: This option will only delete the imported data, not which is created by and the others. The content which is created by this plugin will only be deleted.


While wrapping up, we could say that BuddyPress Default Data Plugin for WordPress can save developers a lot of time, managing and creating all these fake data. One more important thing, users of this plugin just have to make sure that this plugin should not conflict with their original user’s data.

It should not happen as their developers say but better be safe than sorry. Also, it is highly recommended to only use this plugin in a local environment not on any staging or live hosting website. Happy testing and Thanks for reading!

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