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BuddyPress Ads Plugin Review 2024

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a community site. You can use it as a WordPress plugin with multiple components, such as It is a WordPress plugin that includes multiple components (e.g., groups, private messages, and activity streams). You can use these tools to create your social network.

BuddyPress pages are difficult to insert ads because they are most often created dynamically. Automatic injections work fine for static pages, but not all BuddyPress-related pages. BuddyPress Ads offers placements that are exclusively for placing ads on BuddyPress pages.

BuddyX Theme

BuddyPress Ads Plugin

To provide a seamless customer experience and increase engagement, integrate your BuddyPress community. Display ads at different BuddyPress locations, such as the Activity Page, Group Page, and Member Page. You can also choose the position of the displayed ads according to your requirements.

Key Features

  • Both BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platforms are compatible.
  • Perfect for community sites, social marketplaces, membership sites, and auction sites.
  • You can choose between plain text, rich content, or image Ad.
  • Use the feature to embed the PHP code in the ad.
  • Use the feature to move the content around the advertisement
  • Select the activity type you wish to advertise between groups, members, or site-wide.
  • Advertisements can be displayed in different positions.
  • Advertise logged-in and logged-out users.
  • Different display conditions are available for different devices, such as desktops and mobile tablets.

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BuddyPress Ads Setting

BuddyPress Ads Setting

Create BuddyPress Ads

After the Plugin installation, You will have a new CPT called WB Ads. Navigate to WB Ads> Add new WB Ads, and create your first Add. On this page, you will have several settings to create and manage your advertising.

WB Ads Type

First, choose from Plain text, image Ads, or Tich Content.

  • Plain Text and code are available for any ad network such as Amazon.
  • Rich Content: This is the full content editor for WordPress. It includes all features such as shortcodes, image upload, or styling but also simple text/HTML mode to allow scripts and codes to be added.
  • Image Ad: Ads in a variety of image formats.

Ads Parameter

Ads Parameter

Allow PHP: Execute PHP code (wrapped in ).

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  • Position: If you wish to place your ad at a particular point, this setting will help. This setting adds a clear fix.
  • Margin: This setting increases the margin around an advertisement.
  • Container ID: Please specify the id for the ad.
  • Container Classes: Please specify the container classes you are interested in.

Display Conditions

Display Conditions

Activity Type: The ad must be on a page that meets all the conditions. Don’t display the ad anywhere unless you have permission to.

These are the available activity types:

  • Sitewide Activity
  • Activity of Members
  • Group Activity

Activity Positions: Choose the position you wish to advertise.

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There are currently:

  • Before Entry
  • After Activity Country
  • Activity Entry Content
  • Before activity entry comment
  • Comment after the Activity

Position: Input the value after each entry.

Repeat Position: This option is available if you wish to repeatedly inject the position.

To Whom

To Whom Setting

Logged-in Visitor: Visitors’ conditions limit how many people can view your ad. If you wish all users to view your ad, there is no need for visitor conditions.

Device: This setting restricts the display of the ad on the device.

Hide Specific Ad

You can hide the specific ad from the CPT ads listing. Navigate to WB Ads and disable the specific one.

Frontend View


To provide a seamless customer experience and increase site engagement, integrate your BuddyPress community. Display ads at all BuddyPress locations.

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