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BuddyPress Notifications Widget
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Notifications are a simple yet powerful feature for any community or social networking site. With notifications, one can easily be aware of the updates and also members can easily interact with their fellow community friends and members instantly. With that said, almost every social networking site/community offers this feature. It’s a must-have, but most of them don’t showcase their user’s notification.

With BuddyPress Notifications, you can very easily be able to showcase your notifications using a widget. It provides you with a dedicated widget which you can assign in any of your sidebars.

BuddyPress Notifications Widget In-Depth Review

BuddyPress Notification Widget

The widget offered by this plugin can be accessed through the widgets section in wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets. Just drag and drop this widget in any of the sidebars to start showcasing notifications in the respective area.

BuddyPress Notifications Widget

BuddyPress Notifications Widget

BuddyPress Notification Widget Options

This Widget also has some options to tweak for making this widget more efficient and comfortable for the users based on their preferences. The following options are available for toggling.

  1. Link Widget title to notification tab.
  2. Show Notification count in title
  3. Show Notification count text
  4. Show the list of Notifications
  5. Show widget even when there are no notifications?
  6. Show the Clear Notifications button



The BuddyPress Notifications Widget is simple and very easy to use. WordPress users can showcase the notification without any coding background or effort so that members of their community can take the benefit of a convenient and user-friendly environment.

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