BuddyPress To WordPress Full Sync Review

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Remembering the password usernames and passwords can sometimes be difficult especially if they are different at different sites. As a matter of fact, BuddyPress doesn’t use the username and password from your WordPress data instead it stores its own username and password. Also, it could be hectic to remember all the data from WordPress and match those.

Here comes, BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync, a plugin to the rescue. This plugin simply provides you to synchronize the field data from WordPress to your BuddyPress accounts in just some clicks. Moreover, it also allows you to synchronize the custom profile fields too. 

Importance of Synchronizing Profile Fields

Synchronizing your data can be worthy not only for admins but also for users. For admins, the user’s data will be stored in a consistent way without any data redundancy. Also, users will not have to worry about the WordPress profile, admins can easily take care of the user’s WordPress knowing only from the BuddyPress profiles. 

On the other hand, users would only have to provide their information one time, and without worrying about the backend they can manage their profiles from the front-end. Admins just have to synchronize the pre-defined profile fields once only.


This plugin requires the BuddyPress plugin to be activated and installed.

Syncing Profile Fields

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, the profile fields will be ready to be synced. You just have to navigate to your Profile Fields section and choose any profile field to edit or create a new one.

bp sync

After coming to the Edit Field/Add New Field page you will see a Sync to WordPress user field section at your right. Just select the appropriate field from your WordPress fields and click Update. The field will start to sync from your BuddyPress fields.

BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync Review

There are various reasons that this plugin will be helpful. Such as:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Easy to Synchronize 
  • Fluent community environment
  • Saving Time for Administrators
  • Works with Custom Fields
  • Easy to Implement


You no longer have to worry about the user’s data from WordPress and BuddyPress. Just keep track of the information from BuddyPress and you will be fine. BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync will allow the admins to easily perform synchronization to predefined fields as well as custom fields in BuddyPress and WordPress. 

Furthermore, WordPress is an open-source platform so it provides you with some hooks and filters to perform this kind of task through your own codes. But from a user perspective, implementing it would be very tough, that’s why we need such types of plugins. If you have any doubt related to BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync review please ask in the comment section.

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