BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin Review

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The BuddyPress Username Changer plugin is for WordPress that allows users to change their usernames on BuddyPress-powered websites. BuddyPress is a plugin for WordPress that adds social networking features to a website.

By default, WordPress doesn’t allow users to change their usernames. However, with the BuddyPress Username Changer plugin, users can change their usernames without having to create a new account. This can be useful for websites where users want to use a different username for privacy or personal branding reasons.

BuddyPress Username Changer Plugin is a simple plugin that allows BuddyPress site members to change their WordPress Username. It is a simple and useful plugin if you want to give your users the freedom to change their usernames.

Once activated the plugin, a new tab is created under the User profile >>Settings>>Change Username. This simply shows the current Username and has a field to enter the new one.

How  it works

The plugin is easy to install and use. Once installed, users can go to their profile page and click on the “Change Username” button. They will then be able to enter a new username and save the changes. The plugin also includes an option to automatically update all references to the user’s old username throughout the site.

Navigate to user profile >> settings >> change the username and change your name.

BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin
BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin

The User can enter a new username there as shown below. And if the username is available and is not reserved, The username will be changed and the user will be redirected to the new URL of his profile.

BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin
BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin

And if the user enters a reserved name (say, admin, administrator, etc), the username will not be changed, and the user will see an error as shown below.

BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin
BuddyPress Username Changer Pugin

Since the plugin updates username as well as user_nicename, there won’t be any issues with the author archive or any user page. It is safe to update the user name of admins/super admins as well.


By using this plugin, the user can change their username from settings. If you want to use this plugin then you can download it from the below link.

Download plugin

Overall, the BuddyPress Username Changer plugin is a useful tool for BuddyPress-powered websites that want to give their users the ability to change their usernames.
If you have any questions regarding this BuddyPress Community Activity on Profile Plugin, then you can ask in the comment section below.

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