Unconfirmed Plugin Review

unconfirmed plugin

Many times it happens that any new user registers and does not approve its identity through email or the admin forgets to approve the user. Such users get listed in the unconfirmed list. Easy handling of these unconfirmed members can be done with this easy and simple plugin. To get rid of these problems due to activation, this plugin can be a better option.

This problem is generally due to minute mistakes during email forwarding and due to which the user does not receive the mail or received in spam which is not accessible at that moment. Hence the activation process can’t be completed and remains at rest at the backend of User Dashboard for a long time. Unfortunately, WordPress has not provided any filter to distinguish between these users. 

Benefits of Unconfirmed Plugin

It will make the users active or send again a mail to check whether they can get activated or not.

For this, it provides an option in a sub-post of User on the WordPress dashboard that makes it easier to handle the newly registered users and hence provides another option of resending a new mail to the user again. 

This Plugin Supports BuddyPress Users who are getting registered via the BuddyPress Registration page.

It has many options to display on the Dashboard including:

  1. Username: It is the name that the user selects to make himself unique from the other users.
  2. Display Name: A publically visible name which will be later displayed on his profile page
  3. Email Address: User’s mail address where he will receive the activation details.
  4. Registration Details: The date and time of the registration are visible here.
  5. Activation Key:The uniquely generated key which is visible on the email address of the user which can only be seen by the user and the admin.
  6. How Many times the mail has been sent: The number of resend attempts are visible under this option.

These options come along the Bulk Filter option that lets Admin perform the task with full efficiency and on a mass number of users at the same time.

How to Access Plugin Settings?


This plugin is easily accessed under the user post of the Dashboard and hence it can be easily handled with this option.

When admin will reach this option then he can see all the unactivated users listed on a single page.

Unconfirmed Plugin Review

Here are the Unconfirmed users listed with every option that is mentioned above.

How To Use the Plugin?

Using this plugin is very simple. Just check the user you want to perform moderation for. Then select the filter of either RESEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL or ACTIVATE or DELETE user from that list. Once the moderation is done, you will see a notice on that page.

You have Successfully moderated Setting

Unconfirmed Plugin Review

 When the profile gets activated, the user will be visible on the site and he can perform any update on its BuddyPress profile page.

Unconfirmed Plugin Review

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Wrapping Up

This is all about Unconfirmed Plugin review. It is very useful for modifying the users who are registering over the site but due to some reasons they could not be able to activate their account. This Activation can be done in bulk and the email can also be sent in bulk.

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