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As we all know that the main concern in our society is the security of identity. Many people still prefer to be anonymous and many want themself to be genuinely present amongst the society. Maintaining security for those who are providing every detail in a proper manner is easy. But what about the cross verification. How to know that the user has been cross-verified and now no need to focus and waste time for this person. 

Problems will be sorted out when every registering member over your site is marked with any symbol or any badge. 

These badges bring trust for those users who have achieved it. Bringing these badges on their profile page will create others to follow them very easily.

There are many benefits of having badges

More no. of trusted users

There are many sites in the market which use badges to categorize their users and term them as important and not important users. In this similar fashion users also made a mindset for such categorization. Every new user thinks about the existing user who is verified is either very popular or very important to the website. This engages traffic to the site and hence users start trusting on your website.

Easy to maintain a record

When a huge amount of user data is collected on a site then it is not so easy to maintain information about each and every user. This requires a large no. of employees to manage such an amount of data. For this difficult work, the BuddyPress plugin is very helpful as it puts a verified mark on every member who is verified.

Those members who have this badge do not need to check again and those who are without this badge will have to be rechecked again when needed.

This will help the admin to maintain a clear record of data on-site.

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Improvement in the profile page

Many times the look of the profile page matters more to the client. A tick mark over the profile page brings a beauty to the page and makes the user feel good and satisfied that he or she has been cross-checked and hence he treats himself as a special person. This brings user confidence to another level. 


Website looks functional

The more the user the more your site is engaged. Hence we can bring more work to the site. 

The user approach towards the site decides the future of the company. Therefore the company needs to be functional always.

For maintaining this functionality and user behavior site admin keeps on tracking the activities of new users and the users who are verified. Once the badge is obtained then the user tries to do every activity within the scope of rules.


User reapproach reduces

More the no. of verified users the less effort is needed to approach them again and again. Once the user is verified then it is not necessary to reach out to his profile again. This will enhance the productivity of the site and members too.

What Does a Verified Member for BuddyPress Offer?

This plugin offers a badge to the member who has a genuine and verified account. This badge directly applies to the main profile page of the user followed by the other pages where the username is listed on the site.

It also allows admin to select the page that will display badges beside the user name. 


BuddyPress or Buddyboss Platform is needed to use this plugin.

Download BuddyPress

How To Reach Plugin Settings

First of all, install this plugin from here

After installation let’s get to the plugin functionalities

When we tested the options that are provided for profiles of the user  then we found them working in profile pages as shown:

To access the settings you need to follow a few steps 

WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> Buddypress >> Verified Member


This Plugin offers the badge display over various places like :

  • Profile Page
  • Activity Page
  • Members page
  • Comments over any activity

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

How To Verify A Member?

For verifying any member there is only a small procedure that admin has to follow.

Go to WordPress Dashboard >> Users >> Select Edit under any user >> Extended Profile

Here the admin needs to check the verified member box and then Update Profile.

Now, this could be repeated for every member who needs to be verified.

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Pages that display the verified badge

Profile Page

After verifying the member his profile gets updated and he could see a badge displayed over his profile page.

This Badge adjusts so properly with the BuddyPress template that the user profile feels no change and everything remains intact at their spaces.

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Recent Activity Page

On the activity page also the members are shown with a badge icon attached to their name that sounds so premium during a conversation. Hence it is a very nice approach by this plugin as it offers a game-changing feature to the normal name of the member.

Every new member will definitely find it interesting and willingly try to join the community not only with a simple name but a name with a badge. 

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Members Page

Every member who is a part of your community will see a badge once you will verify them from the front end. This verification brings a difference among the verified and unverified members. Every Member who has a badge is more likely to have more friends as compared to those who are without a badge.

Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin Review

Color Variation option

Generally, the badge offered is of the same type but this plugin offers a color variation in the badges and that too can be changed from the back end dashboard settings. This will make your site look more attractive and functional.


Badges visible over the Comments

Not only the pages and activities but comments too have these badges integrated and properly functional. It looks as if some famous personality has commented on a member activity feed.



After using this Verified Member For BuddyPress Plugin we conclude that this is what society wants. This will make our website more secure and advanced in terms of member checkability and cross verifications. Any malpractice on the live site by any unknown user could be handled and every user data that comes through a new member could be rechecked and then only they are allowed to enter the site.

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