BuddyPress Toolbar Plugin Review

BuddyPress Toolbar Plugin Review

When you want to perform any task on your system, you prefer shortcuts on your desktop screen. This will make your task more easy and fast. No matter these tasks are how much complicated. When you have direct access to your system software, then no need to follow the complicated path. For this, we have to do some settings in our system. Likewise, for community management on our site, we have to move a long way to reach the BuddyPress toolbar. To make this task easier, there is an additional plugin BuddyPress Toolbar which will let the admin access the settings of BuddyPress.

Here we can navigate to the main parts of the BuddyPress directly through the top-bar menu with the help of BuddyPress toolbar


This plugin requires BuddyPress and bbPress Forums installed on your WordPress Sites.

What options are available in BuddyPress Toolbar?

  1. Moderation Activity: This option points directly to the settings of the activity feeds and admin can perform any task that is suitable to that area.
  2. BuddyPress Settings: Any type of BuddyPress settings can be managed here. Enabling and disabling these settings will improve community functions.
  3. Profile Fields: Profile Fields include Name, email, or any other details that are added or removed from the profile area.
  4. Users: Members who are joining your site can be managed directly from here.
  5. bbPress Forums: This option allows for creating forums.
  6. Manage Groups: Many groups and settings related to these groups can be managed from here.
  7. Active Extensions: Some extra extensions that are used in BuddyPress can also be managed from here.
  8. Support: This option is for help and support related to BuddyPress.

Important BuddyPress Addons

buddypress tool bar

Display over the Live Site

This setting provides a top nav option on the WordPress site. This enables you to access the settings directly from the front end. No need to visit again to the dashboard and fetch the path for that option. When this toolbar is enabled, every option is visual from anywhere and from any part of the website.

When you forget something then just click on the option and you will be redirected to that management area.

Price: Free
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Important Note: This plugin is not updated with the latest WordPress version. Therefore, it may cause security issues. But the functionalities are working fine.


This BuddyPress toolbar plugin is important for everyone like me who wants to save time and reach to settings of the community directly. When these options are directly accessed then it will let the admin modify anything so fast. Not only setting part but the approval part also. Any new member will get approved faster than usual.

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