W3 Total Cache Plugin Review

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Everyone dreams to manage lots of visitors to the site but what if they fail to accomplish their dreams? Will they be able to handle the traffic? The question is not that they can or cannot but the question is How the site will maintain the speed if so many visitors will access the site at the same instance of time? For such problems, you need to optimize your CSS, HTML, Javascript, or any type of coding followed. Other than this optimization there should be a quick browser cache speed for your site is needed.

For this, there are optimization tools and Analytic tools. However, these tools will not be enough for a site to load faster. For more speed, you can go for a plugin that we have tried i.e W3 Total Cache Plugin.

This plugin will work very with WordPress and other plugins that are installed on your WordPress site. Make sure to install it and then activate it for trying it yourself.

Until and unless we don’t try anything by ourselves we will not get to know how it works. The same applies to the fact that we have tested for you and you will get to know by our experience of this plugin.

There are lots of features to share about this plugin:

  • Compatible with shared hosting
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Support
  • Secure Socket Layer Support
  • Caching of minimized CSS, Javascript, and HTML
  • Caching memories
  • Caching Feeds
  • Non-Blocking Javascript embedding
  • Reverse Proxy integration via Nginx or Varnish

Speed up WordPress Site without changing your theme or plugins installed.

How To Reach the settings of the W3 Total Cache Plugin?

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This plugin allows you to perform the settings from the WordPress dashboard. These settings are easily handled in this area. Along with this there is a Dashboard with every possible setting displaying there.

The Permonce tab is also visible on the WordPress Top-Nav menu bar. This makes it easy to handle from anywhere on site.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

In this Top-nav menu, the admin will get options to Purge all cache, Content page purge, module purge, Direct setting access, Extension management, and support.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

There is a general setting option that will let you enable the preview mode.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This setting will enable the user to cache page data using any specific method.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Minifying some of the possible codes of the CSS and Web Development codes.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

The cache is also done in the opcode.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Many options to perform the database cache using various methods.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Object cache using any specific method.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This method will help your site to load faster in any browser where it has been once loaded because the data on your site is cached by the browser.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Content modification and caching are also managed here.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Some times there are problems related to the proxy, so for that, we have a proxy reverse system via Varnish servers.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Some of the site features are also reduced to speed the site when needed.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

This fragment cache will reduce the time of execution of site settings.


Settings made into action can also save externally through the integrated feature of Import and export.

Other extended options for these general settings are provided so that you can modify your filter and make your site crisper towards your task. These extended options will work only if the main setting on the general option is enabled.

Make sure to use the right server for your WordPress site because many times it happens that you make these settings live but the server chosen was not the actual server you are working on.

How W3 Total Cache plugin Works?

On the live site, it makes no change as it will only provide a top bar option for the admin to further change the caching options for the other visitors.

It will improve the site  SEO in real-time and then your site will be having a good rank among the other sites in the google search.

online community

We have mentioned the site with no effect of this plugin but it loads faster than before.

For increasing its speed we tried disabling the emoji and lazy load but this site is already optimized so much that the plugin could not make any further minifying.

What are the Extensions Provided?

This plugin comes along with lots of extensions that will help the site to work more effectively and generate more leads for your business.

These plugins could be directly activated from the extension option of this plugin.

These extensions include:

  • AMP: This will improve site performance on mobile phones. With AMP support options.
  • CloudFlare: Cloudflare protects and accelerates websites. It provides additional security to the site directly from its own server.
  • Google FeedBurner: Automatically pins feed when the post is modified.
  • New Relic: This will provide analytics to the site and allow the management over the system and mobile.
  • Swermify: Optimizes the video performance and enables the site to load faster with videos.
  • Yoast SEO: This will surely increase the SEO of your site by introducing you with the description, keywords, and other required help.
  • WPML: This extension reduces the response time of websites localized by WPML.

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When this plugin was enabled the site speed improved for sure as there are many options that improved the browser loading time of our site. SEO is also improved as it has many features to load the site with one-click and load in no time. Google’s rank of the site has also increased so much.

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