WordPress Widgets Shortcode Plugin Review

Widgets Shortcode plugin

Widgets are very much useful in building any WordPress site as it helps in a quick view of things that are happening around the particular WordPress sites.
WordPress Widgets Shortcode enables you to embed any widget area(or dynamic sidebars)  in your posts/pages anywhere using simple shortcodes.

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By default, WordPress widgets can only be used in designated widget areas, such as the sidebar or footer. However, with the WordPress Widgets Shortcode plugin, you can use widgets in any content area of your website that supports shortcodes.

To use the plugin, you first need to install and activate it on your WordPress website. Once activated, you can use the [widget] shortcode to display any widget on your website. You simply need to specify the widget ID or name and the shortcode will automatically display the widget content.

In this document, I am going to share the best widgets shortcode plugin which enables you to embed any widget area (or dynamic sidebars) in your posts/pages anywhere using the simple shortcode.

Here is the syntax

[dynamic-sidebar id=’Name of your WidgetArea/Dynamic Sidebar’]

How to Implement this shortcode

In the below screenshot, I have added a page that includes the shortcode which contains the Left Sidebar Widget.

Left Sidebar contains Who’s Online

Left Sidebar contains Who’s Online

The front end of the page is created using the Widgets Shortcode.

Shortcode implementation

So all you have to do is paste the name of the widget in the shortcode.

Download this plugin here: WordPress Widgets Shortcode Plugin


This plugin provides the simplest shortcode to add the widgets to the page or page, I will highly recommend this plugin to site creators as it is very easy to implement and understand. For any query regarding implementation please comment below we will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for Reading.

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