Setting Up Free WordPress Social Network Website

Creating a social network like Facebook to connect people from a single community or all over the world is very easy with WordPress. WordPress is the fastest-growing web development platform because of its simplicity.  There are several plugins available for WordPress to incorporate different features, one of them is BuddyPress.  BuddyPress provides most of the core features required to create a social network website like a member profile, group creation, activity streams, friendships, private messages, and many more.

How To develop A Free WordPress Social Network

To develop a social network website from scratch you will need these things:

  1. A good BuddyPress hosting and domain to host your social network website. Due to the dynamic nature of social network websites simultaneous login, and activities that involve multiple ongoing backend processes like notifications, heartbeat API ajax call on each page load. These processes need more resources as compared to static/ informative websites. You must have at least 2GB ram and 1 core CPU as a VPS to start your community smoothly.
  2.  Start a new website on your hosting account and install WordPress on it.
  3. Download Free BuddyPress Theme BuddyX 
  4. Just install, and activate the theme. Check out how to install a WordPress theme.
  5. Began installing the required plugins and running the demo setup.
  6. Replace the demo data with your own.

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Here is the  setup

Free wordpress social network

Checkout the Demo