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15 Best Photography Forums And Communities In 2022

The finest photography forums are ones where you can find a wealth of knowledge from other photographers on a wide range of topics. There’s no better place to learn about photography than your fellow photographers. They are always trying out new gadgets and gear, experimenting with different shooting techniques, and are glad to share their expertise and experience with you.


What are the benefits of joining an online photography forum or group?

The best way to promote your photography company is to advertise it
To increase the visibility of your photos and drive visitors to your website, you should join a photo community. Many of these photographic forums and groups are great places to meet potential partners and clients.

1. Get reviews on your photography by putting your work out there

When you post your work to a photography-specific online community, you open yourself up to receiving feedback and criticism that may help you improve your craft.

2. Photography trends, news, and devices are constantly changing

Cameras, lenses, and other gear are routinely discussed on popular photography forums. Photographers discuss the most recent fashions in photography and give predictions on what the medium will look like shortly. Photography contests throughout the world may also be found.

3. Increase your sense of belonging and companionship

You may build a feeling of community by sharing your work and participating in discussions on photography forums and social media platforms. You may meet new individuals here who share your interests and values. Many online groups also have a presence in the real world, with regular gatherings—a terrific opportunity to meet new people and connect with other photographers.

Here are the 15 Best Photography Forums and Communities In 2022

1. Reddit (r/photography)

For each topic, Reddit has more than a million “subreddits.” Reddit has a subreddit dedicated to photography since so many people are interested in it. It’s not uncommon for individuals from all over the world to visit subreddits devoted to photography.
In the photography subreddit, you may respectfully discuss photography. A venue to debate photography as an art rather than showcase your work is what this forum is about.

2. Light Stalking

People can ask questions or submit pictures for others to appreciate and comment on. The website for LightStalking has an exceptionally clean look to it. It’s fun and easy to use and crammed with helpful information. Everyone from National Geographic to NASA has shared Light Stalking, a photography blog, and an online community.

LightStalking has over 80,000 posts, and one hundred and fifty-five thousand are associated with photography challenges in which people are invited to participate. They provide a “Constructive yet negative criticism” area where you may get comments on your photographs. Numerous articles, tutorials, and freebies may be found in this web-based library of knowledge. They also feature a wide range of lessons for photographers of all skill levels.

3. Canon Forums

Canon Forums

Dedicated to photographers who use Canon cameras and want to share their experiences and knowledge with one other. “Canon Gear-Talk” is a designated place for discussing Canon camera equipment. Alternatively, you may use the Canon forums to get feedback on your photos taken using Canon cameras.

4. Talk Photography

Talk photography is one of the UK’s largest free photography forums and communities. More than 60,000 active members have posted over 600,000 posts and 8 million messages in total! Hundreds of people log on to these forums every day to discuss photography.

In addition to their core conversation themes (such as photography, equipment, and picture processing), the homepage features a slew of articles covering a wide range of photography-related topics. Ideas and inspiration may be found in this section, and it offers a variety of project ideas and inspiration in the form of image galleries.

5. Digital Grin

Many pertinent topics may be found on Digital Grin, which features an easy-to-navigate user interface. There are various subforums and categories in this photography community. There are forums for everything on the internet, including contests, news about photography in general, advice for beginning photographers, photo critique, and camera reviews.

Photo equipment, lenses, accessories, the digital darkroom, photography books and guides for photographers, recommendations for beginners on choosing a place for photography, and discussions of various photography styles and approaches are the primary themes of this site.

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6. The Photo Forum

The Photo Forum

The Photo Forum is one of the most popular and active discussion boards in the world of photography and digital photography. Featuring a wide range of active discussion boards, The Photo Forum is an excellent resource for photographers of all levels, including those just starting and those more experienced.

The site has different sections for film and digital photography. It’s an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning more about mirrorless cameras’ capabilities. There is extensive coverage of all types of photographic gear. More than 3.7 million messages have been exchanged in over 410,000 threads on The Photo Forum. You’ll find all the answers to your photography-related queries right here.

7. Photography Talk

The “Getting Started” forum video is one of the advantages of Photography Talk, and you’ll be able to participate immediately because it covers all the significant issues and debates. In contrast to the other photography forums on our list, Photography Talk has a slick design.

Photography discussion is an excellent place to get how-to articles, e-books, and other tips on digital photography. Forums are also available on the site. To make it easier to find specific information, the forum has been organized into sections like “gear reviews,” “photography tips,” “galleries,” and “editing.”

8. Fstoppers

Fstoppers began as an online community for photographers in 2010 and has since grown into a massive photography resource with news, opinion pieces, and tutorials. Educating and invigorating photographers are the primary goals of Fstoppers. As one of the most prominent photography websites, Fstoppers attracts over a million monthly visitors.

“Top resources for photography, lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.” are provided by this photographic community. Customers’ images are featured in a ‘picture of the day section, allowing other photographers to remark and offer comments in real-time.

9. Photography Forum

This photography discussion board addresses the issue of photographers’ need to enhance their abilities. You appear to have a distinct thread for each type of subject matter. The themes in these forums are likewise classified according to the level of expertise of the photographer posting in them.

We recommend “Photography & Basics” if you’re just getting started with photography, we recommend “Photography & Basics.” However, if so, it is simple to discover additional in-depth postings and debates. All degrees of expertise are welcome here, and joining this photographic forum is a cinch. To participate in the competitions and receive criticism in their “Critique Corner,” you must post your photographs.

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10. DPReview

Photography Forums

Founded in January 1999, these are the first and most fantastic digital photography forums. Digital Photography, digital cameras, and digital imaging technologies can all be discussed in this forum. All of your photography queries may be answered at DPReview.

For internet photography forums, this is the most popular one. All of your questions will be answered here. 3.4 million threads and 35 million posts later, you’ll find yourself here. As far as photography discussion boards go, DPReview is the top standard.

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11. Cambridge in Colour Forums

To learn more about digital photography, you may participate in conversations and offer your own experiences. You may also provide advice on photoshop and RAW file processing. You won’t have any trouble finding the conversations you’re looking for on our website, and it’s the best location to find out about experimental photography techniques.

Topics on this site include:

  • Photography equipment, including professional and affordable lenses.
  • Digital darkrooms.
  • Book reviews and guides for photographers.
  • Photography tips for novices.
  • Discussions of various photography styles and processes.

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12. Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer
Photography Forums

Members of the club are eager to help amateur photographers with any questions they may have. Sections have been added to make it simpler to find what you’re searching for. Users of Canon, Pentax, and Olympus cameras are represented in different online communities. AP Magazine and “Community,” “Equipment,” and “Technical Discussions” are the key parts.

Amateur Photographer isn’t simply a forum for technical debates; it also has photography news, games, and photo galleries. If you’re a professional or an amateur photographer and you’d want to share your knowledge and experience, here is the place for you.

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13. Photography Forums
Photography Forums is a website for photographers to connect. More than 40 active photography forums are available on, as are galleries of photos organized into more than 30 different categories. There are various ways to utilize, including participating in photo contests, asking questions and receiving answers via our forums, and sharing your work in our galleries.

All levels of photographers may join’s active community. can help you, whether you’re doing it for work or fun. The website has a contemporary look, and most online photography forums appear to be out of date.


PHOTRIO- Photography Forums
Photography Forums

PHOTRIO.COM is a fusion of the APUG.ORG (Analog Photography Users Group),, and DPUG.ORG (Digital Photography Users Group) forums (Digital Photography Users Group). They are now all under the same roof, giving you complete control over the photography workflow that works best for you.

There is a significant collection of photographic processes, methods, and discussions on the discussion board. Photographic procedures, methods, and discussions are all available in their online forums. PHOTRIO is home to thousands of photographers who like exchanging ideas and tips with one another.

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Because there are so many photography-related online groups and forums, it’s imperative that you rapidly choose the top 4-5 that you want to be actively involved in and then work your way up the ranks to become a helpful contributor in each of those communities.
Here are 15 such forums; maybe you’ll find the one for you.

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