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Top 25 Photography Websites to follow in 2022 for News, Reviews, Learning and Discussion

If you are looking for inspiration or a source of creative inspiration for yourself or your business, photography websites are an excellent place to start. There is a wealth of inspiration to be found on photography websites for all skill levels. Regardless of our level of expertise, we can all benefit from studying the work of other photographers.


Photography Websites to follow for News, Reviews, Learning, and Discussion

Here are the top 25 photography blogs that we discovered for photography enthusiasts like you. See what other people have done with their photography portfolios and gain some inspiration for your own.

For Photo Sharing and Feedback

1. Instagram

WordPress Events Plugins- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

Instagram may be the best thing that has happened to us photography enthusiasts in the past decade. Because Instagram is so simple to use, even young children and grandkids may post images on it with no problem. We couldn’t resist including Instagram in our list, even though it’s not about social media.

Many successful photographers have found success on Instagram. Instagram hashtags for photographers are among the most popular themes on the platform, with millions of photographers utilizing them to share their work.

Your fans will look to your feed for a consistent aesthetic or subject matter to keep them interested. Instagram users often decide whether or not to follow a person based on the latest nine photographs they’ve seen on their profile. To attract and grow your following, it’s good to make sure your feed’s top symbolizes who you are as a photographer.

2. Flickr

Flickr- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

Your contacts will see your images, and you will see theirs on Flickr. As a result, when you first open the site in your browser, you’ll see photos uploaded by people in your address book. Images that other users have highlighted take precedence over those merely spewed forth like a Twitter feed.

Using Flickr is a breeze because of its simple and intuitive online interface. You’ll be able to track everything from the number of visitors to your most famous pieces and how your audience is finding your material. However, Flickr does support a limited number of picture formats. Only JPEG, PNG, and non-animated GIFs are allowed for pictures. Unfortunately, this doesn’t include RAW photos, which are popular with professional photographers and are not included. The JPEG format will be applied to any additional images that are submitted.

3. Reddit- Photography Websites

Reddit- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

If you’re interested in photography, Reddit is the place for you to create a “Photography” board. That board is open to all Redditors, and the subreddit’s rules dictate how links are sent to the board. When posting your work on Reddit, it’s better to utilize an image storage service like Flickr, Imgur, or Reddit upload. It is a fantastic place to upload works in progress and solicit comments without the fear of formal criticism.

Additionally, you can lurk and pick up tips and tricks for various types of photography. Photographers will find Reddit a valuable resource for learning, networking, and promoting their work. Make sure that you don’t go overboard with the marketing and promotion of yourself and your work.

Amateur photographers have their subreddits on Reddit, for example. Other subreddits cater to professionals and aspiring photographers; one of the most well-liked is the PhotoCritique subreddit.

4. SmugMug- Photography Websites

SmugMug- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

SmugMug is a website dedicated solely to photographs. It’s a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to build a website, sell products online, and save photographs. Based on its list of features, SmugMug appears to be a pleasant alternative for both novices and seasoned photographers. SmugMug’s monetization options are easy and effective, even though customization possibilities are pretty restricted.

Unlimited storage is a unique selling factor for SmugMug in this pricing range, making it stand out from the competition.

As a photographer, you’ll need an internet portfolio, whether taking photographs for fun or for profit. SmugMug is a one-stop-shop for photographers, providing an all-in-one solution that includes e-commerce solutions. Photographers mainly use SmugMug to market their work, and details and tiny lines might easily be muddled due to the downsampling process. Even on low-resolution displays, SmugMug’s sharpening algorithm appears to be superior to those of its competitors.

5. 500px- Photography Websites

500px- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

If you’re looking for a place to showcase your work and uncover new ideas, 500px is an excellent option. As a bonus, groups allow you to get comments on your work from a larger group. In the early stages of your photographic career, 500px might be a helpful resource.

500px urges its users to look for the perfect picture. 500px includes a feature called Quests that allows photographers to work on a specific project. Uploading an entry based on a particular topic is now possible. A cash reward of between $150 and $500 is awarded to the competition winner, which is open to all entrants.

For Photography Tutorials

1. Digital Camera World

All aspects of photography, from DSLR and mirrorless cameras to mobile photography, drones, webcams, and printing, are covered by Digital Camera World. Digital Camera World helps photographers locate the best equipment and learn to use it with comprehensive tutorials, no-nonsense reviews, and in-depth purchase recommendations.

DCW helps photographers find and use the best gear by providing helpful tutorials, no-nonsense reviews, and in-depth purchase recommendations. Since its inception, Digital Photography School has been a vital resource for photographers. They offer a wide range of valuable resources, including forums, books, and articles.

2. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is one of the most popular and long-running photography blogs, with over 5 million visitors every month. To many, it’s a one-stop-shop for photographers of all skill levels and genres looking for inspiration, advice, and practical photography training.

One of the most trusted online photography resources began as a digital camera review site, but it has now evolved into a comprehensive photographic resource. Because “school” isn’t official, it’s a terrific thing for you! Instead, you’ll be immersed in a demanding but fun setting where you’ll learn about the best practices and techniques to help you enhance your photography in every way possible.

3. Fstoppers- Photography Websites

Fstoppers is one of the world’s most popular photography websites, and a million people visit it each month. Photography, lighting, gear evaluations, behind-the-scenes information, and more may be found on the website.
Starting in 2010 as an online community for photographers, Fstoppers has evolved into a vast photographic resource full of news, opinion articles, and lessons. Fstoppers was created to educate and inspire photographers.

Photo of the Day competition, user galleries, and online communities are great places to discuss photography, share your work, and receive criticism from the community.

4. Udemy- Photography Websites

Udemy has more than 300 photography courses, both free and premium. In addition to Digital Photography, Commercial Photography, and Portrait Photography, Udemy Photography courses cover various topics. Students have appreciated and reaped the benefits of these Udemy Photography courses; thus, they are regarded as the finest.

A wide range of subjects is covered in the classes, such as using a smartphone camera to take photos or putting together a personal photography gear collection. It’s great to be able to learn at your own pace while still getting the feedback you require through quizzes and assignments.

Having access to the teachings for the rest of your life is also a rarity. This is a great resource when you need a refresher on a specific aspect of photography after neglecting it while focusing on another.

5. Geoff Lawrence- Photography Websites

Geoff Lawrence- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

Photographic equipment, composition, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and a grasp of exposure and lighting are all covered in Geofflawrence’s extensive video instructional library. If you’re a serious photographer, you need to know everything from color temperature to photographing models.

Everything from the basics of where to begin to more sophisticated lighting and compositional techniques may be found in eight distinct parts. Choosing the correct camera, getting the exposure perfect, and understanding color are just a few of the topics explored in depth.

For any photographer, Geoff’s website is an excellent resource. An entertaining and educational quiz is included in this compilation of valuable facts about the area, allowing it to be used by both novices and seasoned photographers alike.

For Photography News

1. British Journal of Photography

Since its inception in 1854, the British Journal of Photography has evolved. In addition to the well-known magazine, the website provides daily doses of thought-provoking images and new ideas. In addition to promoting known photographers, the monthly magazine exploits its position in the business to encourage young and upcoming photographers.

For young photographers, BJP also organizes exhibits and events like Portrait of Britain and awards to provide them an opportunity to display their work at prestigious art galleries. Anyone interested in photography or digital imaging.

The site is updated with new articles, press announcements, and technical developments every day, and it’s a must-read for professional photographers.

2. This week in photo

This week in photo-Photography Websites
Photography Websites

This week in the picture is a weekly podcast and photo critiquing website. If you’re interested in photography, you may listen to podcasts on various subjects, including gear reviews and photography news. There is a wealth of informative and inspiring information and exhibits of some of the best photography in the world.

It’s a fantastic site that showcases the work of both aspiring and veteran photographers, showcasing their innovative approaches to photography and some genuinely stunning editorial images. Photographers are assigned various themes, and in addition to being published on the internet, their work is also subjected to peer review by industry experts.

You can be sure that there will never be a lack of fantastic photographs and new ideas from the authors and photographers of these sites.

3. Shutterbug- Photography Websites

Shutterbug- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

Shutterbug offers a revolving community experience to all people interested in photography and digital imaging. The site is updated with new articles, press announcements, and technical developments every day, and it’s a must-read for professional photographers. Readers may now purchase cameras, lenses, software, photo equipment, and Shutterbug-branded products through the website’s online store.

In addition to digital photography, Shutterbug covers a wide range of photography-related topics, including digital and film cameras, photographic techniques, and other subjects of interest to photographers. Studio Pro, Weddings & Portraits, Travelog, Darkroom Techniques, Shutterbug Basics, and news on all such related topics can be found here.

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4. Camera Jabber- Photography Websites

When it comes to cameras, Camera Jabber has you covered with everything from the latest in DSLRs and smartphone cameras to the most cutting-edge 360-degree action cameras and more. Many tutorials are available on how to get started with photography and more in-depth advice on things like editing and developing a portfolio.

Check back frequently to see what’s new; it’s updated constantly. Their articles focus on interchangeable lens cameras, but we also cover action cameras, drones, cellphones, and other connected technology that is becoming an essential component of every photographer’s workflow in addition to the interchangeable lens cameras and compacts.

5. PDN Online- Photography Websites

It was a monthly trade journal for professional photographers in the United States called Photo District News (PDN). The first issue of PDN was released back in 1980. From New York City’s picture district, the newspaper’s name was taken.

A career turning point for those on PDN’s annual list of “30 New and Emerging Photographers,” Time magazine has called PDN’s annual list “the go-to outlet to discover up-and-and-coming photographers, determined based on creativity; versatility, and distinctive vision.”

From marketing and business guidance to legal challenges and new technology, PDN’s print magazine and website provided:

The unbiased news and analysis.

1. Interviews- Photography Websites

Information photographers needed to flourish in the competitive photography industry.
Photo essays and galleries on featured the work of a wide range of photographers, from established masters to rising stars.

Photography Discussion Boards

1. Reddit (r/photography)

There are over a million “subreddits” on Reddit, each dedicated to a specific topic. Many people are interested in photography, so it has its forum on Reddit. Subreddits dedicated to photography are frequented by people worldwide, who post their own experiences, thoughts, tips, and techniques.

There is no difference between whether you are a novice or an expert photographer. Reddit is an excellent site to find a community of photographers interested in exchanging ideas. You’ll be able to connect with others who share your interests, and you’ll also have the opportunity to have your work assessed by some of the best in the business.

2. Amateur Photographer

Amateur Photographer- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

You can’t go wrong with Amateur Photographer. Amateur photographers actively participate in the group and are happy to answer any inquiries. Getting your hands on what you need is a breeze. Sections have been created to make it easier to locate what you’re looking for. Canon, Pentax, and Olympus users are all represented in separate forums. Those are only a few examples but there are a lot more.

The same principles apply whether you want to use film or digital cameras for your photography. And it’s not just about technological issues. Amateur Photographer includes photography news, games, and photo galleries to keep you interested in photography.

You may also make a portfolio of your photographic work. The Beginner’s Corner is an excellent place to start if you’re a novice photographer. However, amateurs of all skill levels will be able to obtain the advice they require.

3. The Photo Forum- Photography Websites

The Photo Forum offers a “Business District” in addition to a wide range of exciting topics for amateur photographers. Professional photographers will find a wealth of information in this area. More than 3.7 million messages have been exchanged in over 410,000 threads on The Photo Forum. Here, you’ll find answers to all of your photography queries.

Both film and digital photography are represented in separate parts of the site. This is an excellent place to go if you want to learn more about mirrorless cameras. All forms of photographic equipment are covered in great detail. Their picture contests provide an additional level of user engagement. There is a Photo of the Month Contest and the TPF Photo Challenge.

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4. Photography Websites

All levels of photographers may join’s active community. When it comes to photography, has your back. In a word, the website is a work of art, A lot more current than many photography communities on the internet.

There’s a ton of information in this community’s archives. To help new users get started, there are Q&A postings and discussions that have been mainly chosen for experts. There are plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, from portraits to street photography. There are forums for just about anything you can think of, and you’ll find that the discussion boards on this site are always bustling with activity. This implies that no matter what you ask, you’ll get an answer instantly.

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5. DPReview- Photography Websites

DPReview- Photography Websites
Photography Websites

DPReview is the best place to get answers to any of your photography questions. As far as internet photography forums go, this one has the most people participating. Here, you’ll find the answers to all of your queries. If not, you’ll be able to start a new post in which you may ask for help or educate others. Everything from “Photoshop & Editing” to “Studio Lighting” is discussed here. If you need help learning how to use your new camera, tutorials are available online.

Even if you have more in-depth inquiries, there is no better place to ask them. We also like the user-specific gear list. You’ll discover over 35 million posts spread across 3.4 million threads on our website. DPReview is the gold standard for photography discussion boards.

Top photographer’s websites

1. Alessandro Romagnoli

Italian photographer Alessandro Romagnoli specializes in fashion and editorial work. The portfolio section of the site is a standout feature of the site. You can see the negative of a photo by hovering over it, and you can move photos diagonally instead of left or right.

2. Cassandra Ladru

Photography Websites

A wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Australia, Cassandra Ladru is known for her work. She captures life in her photographs traditionally and freshly. Her favorite pastime is creating visual stories and focusing on the elements that aren’t obvious. Magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have featured her innovative work. Her website has a journalistic feel, allowing us to witness the most intimate and detailed aspects of her life.

3. Lieben Photography- Photography Websites

Photography Websites

A Norwegian wedding photographer specializing in picturesque pre-wedding photography runs Lieben Photography. A substantial photo collection is the most crucial component of a photographer’s online profile.
Dolly Ave

When it comes to building a solid brand, look no further than the website for Dolly Ave. The initial impression is powerful, and the image that was picked exemplifies her distinct photographic approach. She uses words to draw attention to well-known businesses from previous work.

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4. Tim Hawley- Photography Websites

Tim Hawley is a photographer and visual artist who works in commercial photography. His website shows that photographing his items and displaying them in exciting ways demonstrates his unique sense of style and flair. Additionally, he provides tremendous social proof for future clients by showing the logos of the organizations that have hired him.

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Every photographer wants their work to be seen by a wider audience. A photographer’s marketing toolset would be incomplete without participation in online photographic groups, forums, and social media networks. Some of the top photography lessons, gear, and discussion sites have been reviewed in this post. I hope you had a good time reading this!

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