Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress Review

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress

BuddyPress is a great plugin to build a community-based WordPress website. With BuddyPress, you can post activities, direct messaging, Create Groups, etc. It is an all-inclusive package for a community. And with many available plugins, you can even extend its features very easily. But support for the media is still not included in the core BuddyPress plugin.

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress provides you the feature to upload media through your activity post directly. It is very easy to use and easily uploads media files with your posts. The media files could be Image, Link, or Video.

Features of Activity Plus Reloaded

  1. Upload Images and Videos from Activity
  2. Embed Links to posts
  3. Link Preview before Posting
  4. Set default Width and Height of Media
  5. Multiple Theme Icons


This plugin just requires BuddyPress to be Installed and Activated in your WordPress.

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress Review


To install BP activity plus reloaded go to wp dashboard>>plugins>>add new and search this plugin by name in the search bar provided. After then install and activate.

Useful BuddyPress Addons

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress
showing Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress is so much easier to use. It needs no setup and will be effective as soon as you activate the plugin. Although, you can change some of its settings from the back-end.

You can access Activity Plus Reloaded plugin settings through wp-admin > Settings > Activity Plus.

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress
showing activity plus setting option


In the Appearance section, you can change the icon themes between Default (Legacy), New and Round, and alignment between Left and Right.

bp activity plus plugin
showing appearance setting options


In the Functional Section, you can set and change the width and height of the link preview box and the images you upload. Also, you can choose to clean the images and choose if the link opens in the new tab or in the same window.

buddypress activity plus reloaded
showing functional setting option

Posting Media though Activity

Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress allows you to post media through any activity feed. You can post media in Main Activity Feed, Group Activities, and also Member Activities. Here we are using BuddyX theme  because this BP activity plus plugin is easily compatible and  perform so well with Buddyx theme.

activity plus reloaded buddypress
buddypress activity plus reloaded frontend view

You can upload images from your device or you can upload it by adding image url.

activity plus reloaded
showing image file upload option

Once you upload images it will show you like this. You can add any number of images one by one.

activity plus reloaded
showing view after image uploaded

In the same way you can upload video and link. Preview option is available for videos and links .

Video Preview

To view preview of video click on preview after uploading URL.

bp activity reloaded plugin
showing video preview

Link Preview

A Preview option will be available while posting a link, it will show you a thumbnail of the link. other than this plugin to share your activtiy too other social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. Then you do this by using BuddyPress Activity Social Share.

bp activity plus
showing link preview


We are wrapping this article up, to summarize all of it, we must say that Activity Plus Reloaded for BuddyPress plugin is indeed useful and worthy. We highly recommend using this plugin if you want to integrate the feature to upload media in your community.

If you have any queries regarding this plugin, then you can ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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