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BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review
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Social Media platforms have come a long way and keep on growing. Now, a Follow feature on all these platforms is very common. Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook provide you this feature. This following feature will notify you about the updates of the person whom you follow. And people can be aware of your updates who follow you.

BuddyPress is also a very popular community plugin for WordPress. So, what if you also want the following feature in your community? Well, there is a solution for that, BuddyPress Follow plugin. This plugin will add a Follow button at members’ profile pages and a directory tab of followers and following, so you can easily manage them.

Features of BuddyPress Follow

  • Allows members to follow/unfollow
  • Notifications for each follower
  • Dedicated Followers and Followings subnav
  • Adds Follow option to WP Toolbar
  • Multilingual Translations Available

Follow/Unfollow Members

The plugin doesn’t need any setup, it will add the Follow/Unfollow button immediately as the plugin is activated. You can see the follow button on the members’ profile pages or from the member directory.

follow unfollow member

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review


You will also get notifications every time when someone follows you. Notifications can be accessed from Profile > Notifications.

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review

Followers/Following Tab

  • Followers and Following Tab will be added to members’ profile pages where you can see and filter followers/following members.

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review

  • A Following Tab will also be added to the member’s directory.

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review

  • A Follow submenu will also be added in the WP Toolbar, which will also bring you to your profile page’s Followers/Following Tabs.

Followers’ Activity

Activities of the members who you are following can also be filtered. This plugin will also add a Following Tab on the main Activity page.

BuddyPress Follow Plugin Review


BuddyPress Follow is the easiest solution for adding the Follow feature in your BuddyPress community. If you have any questions regarding this plugin, then you can ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading.

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