BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

Awarding and motivating the members to do well in the future is very essential. This awarding system is essential if you want to attract more number of visitors to the site. Since we all know that there are many ways to motivate and encourage someone, but in this Badge system, it will be visible to the other members and they will also try their best to achieve this badge.

Here the whole community will know about what you won and how many points you have earned. This will make a great look to your site. Every user will achieve a badge for their performance and activities on site. We have used BadgeOS Community Addon to integrate our BuddyPress communities to this badge system and got a very good view of this.

These badges are either designed by you else the BadgeOS already provide its predefined image to show on the profile.

This AddOn requires BadgeOS and BuddyPress installed on your WordPress Site.

Where can these Badges be awarded?

Profile Updates:

  1. Activated Account
  2. Change Profile Avatar
  3. Update Profile information

Social Actions:

  1. Write an Activity Stream message
  2. Write a Group Activity Stream message
  3. Reply to an item in an Activity Stream
  4. Favorite an Activity Stream item
  5. Send a Friendship Request
  6. Accept a Friendship Request
  7. Send/reply to a Private Message

Group Actions:

  1. Create a Group
  2. Join a Group
  3. Join a Specific Group
  4. Invite Someone to Join a Group
  5. Get Promoted to Group Moderator/Administrator
  6. Promote another Group Member to Group Moderator/Administrator

Discussion Forum Actions:

  1. Add a New Forum Topic
  2. Reply to a Forum Topic

To use these badges, make sure you have enabled settings in the back end.

How To Reach the Settings of the Community part of the BadgeOS Community Plugin?

Settings of this plugin are integrated automatically in the main option of the BadgeOS. When you proceed to create a new badge then these settings could be auto-applied.

Just create a new badge and set some restrictions on activities that will assign points to the activities of the community.

For creating a new badge go to BadgeOS >> Badges >> Add New

Fill out all the required details of the badge.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

When you add a new badge, it will be assigned only when the user completes the target.

Other than this, there is an additional option where the admin can itself assign badges to the user from the User option of the Dashboard.

In the user panel, you will see the badge assigning option that will let you (admin ) assign any badge to any user.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

How To Use BadgeOS Community Addon?

When the admin assigns any badge to the user, the badge is directly visible on the user profile. This badge will make no major change to the profile structure of the user but pins a small badge icon below the avatar.

This badge icon looks as if it was always there and make the user profile look more genuine and attractive.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

Not only the profile but the activity feed is also updated with the badge earning of any user.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

This badge icon is also visible on the member’s list. Under every member, this badge icon is clearly visible.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

Not only the badge but there is also a badge system that can be applied to more options to encourage the user to keep on working and remain motivated throughout the journey in the community.

In this point system, the points will be awarded for the tasks that user will perform such as commenting on a post, posting anything, or site login.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

To gain these points, the user should perform the task that is assigned by the admin. This task can be posting a comment or publishing a new post.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

The points are visible in a new profile tab labeled as Earned Points. The points are also visible on the profile cover and look very much real.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review

If the user wants to know about the other badges he has won, he can directly fetch the tab labeled as Achievements.

Under this Achievement tab, there is a sub-tab which is labeled as Badges, here you will find the badges listed.

BadgeOS Community Add-on Review


Every badge that is created fits very nicely to the BuddyPress community pages and this will definitely increase the website response. Many new customers will get attracted by these awards. I think this will surely bring more members to my community. If you have any questions related to BadgeOS Community Add-on ask in comment section. Thanks for reading!

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