Buddypress Hide Member Visibility Plugin Review

Buddypress Hide Member Visibility is a WordPress plugin that allows website owners to restrict the visibility of user profiles on a BuddyPress-powered website. BuddyPress is a popular plugin for WordPress that adds social networking functionality to your website.

Social media should be well managed. It is one of the most effective ways to promote a product and create a good impression on people. It can be a great way to connect with old friends, or just keep an eye on what your family tree is planning. If social media platforms are not managed wisely, they can ruin your life.

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Social media by definition has a very aggressive approach to privacy and there is no way to completely ban people. Although nothing on the Internet can be permanently erased, it is wise to keep your social media accounts “private” unless you are a celebrity, a business owner, a member of a political party, or a social activist.

Every social media site owner is concerned about the privacy of the users who are going to use the website. So what if you want to hide the visibility of the members? Well, there is a solution for that, i.e. BuddyPress hide the member visibility plugin. It allows the admin to hide any Buddypress member from appearing in the member directory. Also, when members are hidden, they can view their profile by themselves but other members cannot access it.

Features of Hide Member Visibility for Buddypress

  • Site administrators can hide any BuddyPress members from appearing in the member’s directory.
  • Hidden users have access to their profile but their profile is inaccessible to other members.
Admin can hide the User
Admin can hide the User
  • Hidden User is not accessible from other User


In my view, this plugin is very much effective to hide the visibility of particular BuddyPress members by editing the user profile. If you have any questions regarding this BuddyPress Hide Member Visibility plugin, then you can ask in the comment section below.

Overall, Buddypress Hide Member Visibility is a useful plugin for website owners who want to have more control over the visibility of user profiles on their BuddyPress website. It can help to protect the privacy of your users and ensure that sensitive information is only visible to authorized members.

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