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BuddyPress Humanity Plugin Review
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Security is a major concern among online communities both inside and outside of WordPress. Also, there are potential threats of spamming and multiple user accounts of the same person. Although the BuddyPress community for WordPress is safe to use, still you will need such plugins that can help you increase its security.

One of such plugins is BuddyPress Humanity. This plugin is simple and easy to use, it will add a security question that is asked every time when a user registers to make sure you are not a bot. Each step is good for the purpose of security and from this plugin, you can keep away spammers and spambots from your community to some extent.

BuddyPress Humanity In-Depth Review

BP Humanity Settings

The plugin is simple to use. It provides you to choose a security question and answer to be asked on the front-end while registration. You can access its settings from wp-admin > BuddyPress > BP Humanity.

BuddyPress Humanity Plugin

Here, you can set the title, change the question to be answered and its corresponding answer. Also, if you want multiple answers for one question then you can use commas to separate more than one correct answer.

humanity setting

Security Question on Front-End

After saving the settings. The question will appear on the registration page to be answered by the users.



Little steps towards security can also prevent your community from fake users and potential threats. There is nothing bad in it, right? Share your thoughts about the plugin in the comment section, also you can ask any question regarding the plugin anytime. Thanks for Reading

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