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BuddyPress Profile Completion Review

BuddyCommerce Plugin Review
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Have you got tired of incomplete profiles on your BuddyPress community? Some of them may not have their avatar, cover photo or some basic information other than just their name. Incomplete profiles can somewhat affect your community reputation and also it may be more suspicious in any unexpected scenario. BuddyPress offers the required feature for form fields but only at the time of registration. It doesn’t provide you the feature to force the users to fill up and complete the rest of their profile and information.

Thankfully, BuddyPress Profile Completion is the plugin we all need. This plugin allows you to not only force the users to complete their profile but also prevent the user to access their own profile in the community until the requirements are fulfilled.


  1. Site admin can force users to fill all the required BuddyPress fields.
  2. Site admin can force users to upload the cover photo and avatar.
  3. Customize the message to display for incomplete required fields.
  4. Restrict users to their own profile until the profile is completed.

BuddyPress Profile Completion In-Depth Review

BuddyPress Profile Completion Settings

You can access the settings from wp-admin > Settings > BuddyPress Profile Completion. You can use the following features here:

  1. Select the required criteria between filling the required fields, uploading profile photo or upload cover images.
  2. Restrict Profiles to their own profile only.
  3. Toggle Profile incomplete message.
  4. Customize incomplete messages to display for required fields, cover photo, and profile avatar.

BuddyPress Profile Completion

Profile Incomplete Message Front-end

The messages on their profiles will be displayed as followings:

BuddyPress Profile Completion

BuddyPress Profile Completion


We hope that we somehow manage to attract more visitor’s attention and engagements in your community. With this plugin, you can very easily be assured of your members’ identity through their profile information.

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