LH Private BuddyPress Plugin Review

LH Private BuddyPress Plugin

BuddyPress is a community plugin where people connect with each other from different backgrounds and share their thoughts and activities. But BuddyPress community can be private too where the guest users cannot be able to see the blogs, activities, and members of the community.

This can be achieved by a very simple plugin called LH Private BuddyPress Plugin. You just need to install and activate it and you are done and it will start protecting your community. No further setup is required and it will redirect the guest users to the login page whenever they try to access BuddyPress pages.


LH Private BuddyPress plugin is a BuddyPress driven plugin, so it needs BuddyPress plugin to be installed and activated on your WordPress site.

LH Private BuddyPress Plugin

You just have to install and activate the plugin from the WordPress plugin store. To do so, follow the given steps:

  1. Navigate to wp-admin > Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for “LH Private BuddyPress”.
  3. Click Install and then Activate.
LH Private BuddyPress Plugin
LH Private BuddyPress Plugin

As soon as you activated the plugin, you would not feel any difference and it also has no settings from the backend to change. But that defines its simplicity, the plugin will do the job for the same and will protect your BuddyPress community from the strangers.

Here, we have logged out from our account and LH BuddyPress plugin is activated .

LH BuddyPress plugin

Now we are trying to access BuddyPress pages as a guest user and you can see from below screenshot that it is redirecting to the login page.  Apart from this, somehow related to this plugin, BuddyPress Community pro plugin help you to lock all your  BuddyPress components for guest users and asks users to login to check other user details.

LH BuddyPress plugin


LH Private BuddyPress plugin is a simple yet worthy plugin which will protect your BuddyPress community at some standards. Also, it can be helpful for those who want their BuddyPress community to be private and remain open for logged in members only.

Share your thoughts about this BuddyPress private  plugin in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for Reading!

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