GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration Plugin Review

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration Plugin Review

Here we have discussed everything about GamiPress and BuddyPress integration .Completing a task and earning a reward in any form brings happiness over the face of anyone who earns that reward. Bringing this reward to the community level where many people have joined you for some cause will definitely encourage them.

There working strength will automatically get boosted and they become more active on the site. In general, this type of nature is seen in humans where he wants to be respected in society. To maintain this enthusiasm and confidence, GamiPress And BuddyPress together will bring a great difference in the profile of the users.

This integration will link the BuddyPress user’s activity on the community level to the profile with a badge to encourage more users to perform well to earn badges.

To apply these rewards and batches to the whole community, you must have BuddyPress and GamiPress installed on your WordPress Site.

How To Set Badges for BuddyPress Elements with GamiPress and BuddyPress addon?

To navigate to the settings part is not that complicated. Just go to DashBoard >> GamiPress


If you want to add badges then Go to Dashboard >> Achievements >> Add New Badge or Modify the previously created badges.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

In GamiPress Option of the dashboard, you will find a Point Types option where every new type of point system can be added.

In this option, every new type of point can be added or updated. Here it also provides the feature to update the image of the badge.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

When you add a new point type, you’ll find there a completely separate element with label BuddyPress Member Activity.

Here you as an admin need to enable the Awards activity entry option to view any new awards in the activity feed for the community.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

When it is done for the activity feed, then you can choose the options for which you want to award the points and badges. There is almost every activity mentioned that can be performed by any user with its profile.

After choosing the pointing element just save the changes and then publish this point type. Make sure to add any point image so that it will look more attractive.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

Now, it is the time to set the final thing so, that your Ranks, Achievements, and points could be visible on the profile and activities too,

Just go to the GamiPress Settings >> Add-Ons

There you need to modify settings like

  1. Where to display awards?
  2. Title label to display on the profile tab.
  3. Option to show thumbnail
  4. Option to display the label
  5. Thumbnail size
  6. Selecting Point type which you have created earlier.


When you are done with Points, Achievements, and Ranks, then you can save them and directly see the results on the live site.

But before checking on-site, you should know where will these achievements, points, and badge are stored.

Where is user data maintained on the Dashboard?

These awards are maintained in the WordPress >> GamiPress >> Logs

Here you will find every activity related to the badges and awards mentioned which can be edited in bulk from here.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

Who has earned which badge; everything is maintained in a separate sub-post type under Gamipress which label User Earnings. Every user’s name along with their badges are mentioned here.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

How does It work on the BuddyPress Community?

To see the badges and the points earned, you can directly access the profile page and below every member profile, the badge is displayed.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

Other than this, the two major tabs with label Points and Achievement are created.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

In the Points tab, the earned point with logo and label is displayed.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration

In Activity Page, the member who achieves the badge will be clearly shown along with the image of his award.

GamiPress And BuddyPress Integration


By integrating GamiPress and BuddyPress integration add-on to the website, the look and user approach to the site will definitely get enhanced because it has the perfect pinning ability that will make it more valuable. Other than this advantage, it has a simple backend setting panel. That is very simple to interact with and easy to understand the functionalities. Anyone with minimal knowledge of WordPress can easily assign awards to the users in the community.

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