Paid Membership Pro Addon Review

Paid Memberships Pro

There are so many features that should be kept private or personal to some members of the community. When these features are needed to be shared with any other member of the community then there is a good option like Paid Membership Pro-BuddyPress Addon.

For this BuddyPress must be installed on your WordPress Site.

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This BuddyPress Addon for Paid Membership has so many features to render the site admin.

It provides almost complete control over the BuddyPress Elements by the admin. After creating the member level, Admin can set some limitations to the new member. These could increase the planning structure and will enhance site security as well.

Some General Features of this Addon is:

  1. Features of BuddyPress are restricted.
  2. Direct Group invitations with Membership Level.
  3. Assign BuddyPress Member Types by Membership Level
  4. Selected member level displays under the profile.
  5. The BuddyPress registration process can also be used instead of PMpro.

Where to Access the Paid Membership Pro BuddyPress Addon?


To access the BuddyPress Addon To Paid Membership Pro you need to get to the

WordPress Dashboard >> Memberships >> PMPro BuddyPress

Here you can see every setting that this plugin offers.

General Settings in PMPro-BussyPress Add-on

These settings, in general, include all the main features that are needed to be enabled so that a new visitor can not get to the community directly.

It by default sets all the restrictions for any visitor to the site.

Setting page holds the following options:

Manage Page setting

In this admin can divert every member who has not yet taken the plan or enrolled to any page of its choice.

Non-Member user setting

This setting will provide options that will lock and unlock the features of  BuddyPress for the non-logged in members.

Membership Level Setting

What settings to be awarded to the members when they join the community is decided under this option.

General Setting

This set includes two additional options to make the process of making members more attractive. It provides a profile label that will tell about the member’s plan.

Along with this, it will also enhance a registration swap feature which will replace the paid memberships Pro’s registration page with the BuddyPress registration page.

Paid Memberships Pro

How To Use Paid Memberships Pro-BuddyPress Addon?

The main step that the admin needs to take is to set the Access Restriction Page or create one by default.

  • For setting Restriction page you can just click on the button “Manage Page Setting”

And you will be directed to the page set up wizard.

  • Below that option, you will see an additional block mentioned as Additional Page Setting this option is provided by Addon.

ppage setting

  • Once you set the page then click on the save button and you are done.

Paid Memberships Pro

Now, without the Login visit group page, member page, or any other page that is more private to the community you can not able to access it.

You will see a small message “The content is restricted”.

Paid Memberships Pro

How To Include BuddyPress feature to the Membership level?

For adding some BuddyPress element to the Membership level there are all the options provided on the Level Creation page.

BuddyPress has its separate blocks created, and their labels are very clearly understandable.

These blocks include the following options:

  • Adding a new member to a particular group.
  • Restriction options for the BuddyPress elements.

When the group view is enabled for any member level from the backend settings in a particular level plan then only the new member who is enrolling to it can view the group page or any page.

These Restrictions can be made to almost every BuddyPress features. Out of which some features are listed:

  • Group page viewing
  • Single Group viewing
  • Joining new groups
  • Group creations
  • Public messaging
  • Private Messaging
  • Send friend request
  • Include in the member’s list

BP restrictions

  • Once the setting is applied and pushed on save button then this will let the user view the group he has joined or list available groups for him.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • The group page is visible to the newly registered user when the level is enabled with the “View Group” setting from the back end by the admin

Paid Memberships Pro

  • The group can be selected from the list with an updated list of groups.

Additional options in membership level form by Reign Theme

It provides a color change option for the created membership level at the front end along with an additional option to mark the level as Featured Level.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • Options are given by the Reign theme.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • The image shows Free Bee as a featured level on the front end.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • Select whichever level that suits your need and get benefits from that level plan.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • Every information of the membership plan is directly visible on the screen for a quick review before leaving the registration page.

Paid Memberships Pro

  • Newly registered users of any level will have to click on “View your membership account” to see his membership account.

Paid Memberships Pro

The backend setting that allows the user to add the member to any group he wants to, within that particular plan will be displayed as an activity post.

  • The membership level is visible on the profile of the member.

Paid Memberships Pro

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Wrapping Up

For the purpose of privacy, this plugin is very much useful. It will definitely maintain security to the pages of the community and maintain good control over the membership levels created. With this addon Paid Memberships pro will definitely work better in business. This integration will keep the privacy of the site to the admin level and everything could be handled from the admin side.

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