WP Call Button Plugin Review

WP Call Button

If you own an organization, enterprise or an e-store then, calling is the most basic facility you can provide to your customers. Calling provides more authenticity and gains the trust of your customers. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t provide this feature. Since it is an open-source CMS, you can definitely add it using the code. But it can be a little messy and complex.

Thankfully, the WP Call Button plugin is the way to go. This plugin will add a beautiful call button to your site, without any coding. You can also customize the button and showcase it on mobiles as well as on other devices. Moreover, you will be able to add any country’s phone number with this free plugin.


  1. Quick and Easy Call Button in WordPress
  2. Call Button Shortcode support
  3. Sticky Call Button
  4. Highly Optimized Call Button
  5. Gutenberg Editor support
  6. Customize Call button text, color and styles
  7. Show or Hide Phone icon in Call Button

WP Call Button In-Depth Review

WP Call Button Settings

The plugin has various options to change from the back-end. You can access them from wp-admin > Settings > WP Call Button.

Sticky Call Button

  • Call Now Button Status: Enable/Disable Call Now Button.
  • Phone Number: The most important option to set in the plugin’s settings. The phone number entered here will be used by your customers to call. Also, the call button will not be displayed until the phone number has been entered.
  • Call Button Text: Changes the text for Call Button.
  • Call Button Position: There are four available positions to display the call button, i.e., Full Width, Bottom Center, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.
  • Call Button Color: Changes the color for Call Button. It recognizes the hexadecimal values of colors.
  • Call Button Visibility: You can also choose to display the call button everywhere or show/hide in certain posts or pages.
  • Show Call Button Only on Mobile Devices?: Turning this feature off will display the call button on every device and vise versa.


wp call buttonStatic Call Button

  • Call Button Text: Changes the Static Call Button text.
  • Call Button Color: Changes the Static Call Button color which accepts the hexadecimal values for colors.
  • Hide the Phone Icon in your Button?: Checking this option will hide the phone icon to display on the button.
  • Shortcode: The generated shortcode to copy and paste in the posts and pages.



WP Call Button Plugin Review

WP Static Call Button Shortcode

The shortcode provided by the plugin is the way to showcase the static call button. To use the shortcode, navigate to wp-admin > Settings > WP Call Button > Static Call Button. Copy the shortcode and paste it in post or page while editing or publishing.



contact usWP Call Button Plugin Review

WP Call Button Widget

WP Call Button plugin also provides a dedicated widget to showcase the call button on the site’s sidebar. You can find the widget in wp-admin > Appearance > Widgets. Just Drag and Drop the widget to any of the sidebars and the call functionality will be effective immediately.

call button

WP Call Button Plugin Review

There are some options provided within the widget to change. Let’s take a quick look at them.

WP Call Button

You change the same options in widgets as in settings. The following are the list you can change in the widget:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Call Button Text
  4. Call Button Color
  5. Call Button Text Color
  6. Show the Phone icon?

WP Call Button Gutenberg Block

Also, if you are using the latest Gutenberg Editor, then you can very easily add a call button in your posts or pages without even using the shortcode. WP Call Button plugin is Gutenberg supported.

wp call

call us

Similar Plugins as WP Call Button

Quick call button

WP Call Button

The plugin has a very user-friendly design, from which you can quickly add the call button on your site, just as WP Call Button. You can increase your conversion rates and sales by allowing customers to call you directly from the site without typing the phone number.

Get The Plugin

Call now button

WP Call Button

Call now button is a click-to-call button plugin which adds a beautiful Call Now button at the bottom of the screen for mobile visitors. The users will not have to worry anymore about navigating to contact us page or switching back and forth or copying the phone number to call.

Get The Plugin

Really Simple Click to Call Bar

WP Call Button

This plugin is the easiest to use and straight-forward plugin in our list. It does exactly what says by the name. It will very easily add a simple click to call the bar at the bottom of the site on the device. You can also choose the color and text of the Call Now button too.

Get The Plugin

Twilio Easy Call Pro

WP Call Button

Twilio is the only paid plugin in our list but works more amazingly than the price. It is an all-in-one communication plugin that has the feature of messaging, calling, call recording, video conferencing, and communicating. The plugin has spectacular features in hand.

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Simple Call Button

WP Call Button

Simple Call Button is yet another great plugin that is highly customizable and very easy to use. It is a well-coded, lightweight and SEO-friendly plugin that is compatible with any resolution and devices. This plugin uses a shortcode for displaying a static and simple Call Now button.

Get The Plugin

Wrapping Up

WP Call Button is a lightweight and simple yet resourceful plugin that would help you in increasing conversion rates, SEO and marketing and gain a lot more customers. We think that the plugin is giving enough features as a free plugin and we highly recommend using it.

Do share your thoughts regarding the plugin in the comment section below. You can also ask any questions about it too. Thanks for Reading!

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