WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress Security Plugins To Protect WordPress Blog

Protect your website from attackers by installing the best WordPress security plugins

All about the security breach

You never know when a security breach can take place which can steal the content and hard-earned income. You have to build a strong wall to protect your content from such attacks. You can switch from basic security to an upgraded security management system. Install the WordPress security plugins to protect your WordPress blog now. Some attackers are so advanced that they can use physical methods to cheat you. They can watch your activities to dig out the details required to enter the system. Beware of such attackers and inform the police immediately if you notice such actions.

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A perfect example of security

Suppose you bought a property for carrying out business activities. You would do efforts to maintain privacy and secure the place. It is quite normal that you would want to save information and data from people trying to steal them. You will install security cameras and will appoint guards to protect the premises from such attacks. The same things are with your WordPress blog as you need to protect the information and data from attackers. Your valuable data can be safeguarded by installing a WordPress security plugin.

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Time to take action

You need to act right now to protect the information present on your blog. You would not anybody to steal that as you might have worked on it for too long. You should not worry as there are several security plugins available which can be installed to protect your WordPress blog. Today the world has changed so has technology has. You cannot rely on basic security measures as they fail to provide the perfect security management as WordPress security plugins do. Install the WordPress security plugins now.

Common Services rendered by the plugins are:

  • Continuous security monitoring
  • Scanning of files
  • Scan for malware
  • Monitoring the blacklist
  • Security updates
  • Actions taken after hacks
  • The firewalls
  • Protection against the attacks
  • Alert for a security breach

These are the services that WordPress security plugins provide. You can install them and sit back to watch the attackers on your screen. There will be no chance that an attacker would get into your system at any cost.

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WordPress Security Plugins

1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

This WordPress plugin comes with a free and paid version. You need to pay if you are willing to use a website firewall feature. You cannot access many features which are available with paid versions. Indeed, many users don’t require such features and continue using the free version of Sucuri Security.

You can monitor the threats and activities on your website by installing the free version. The paid version provides you with technical assistance and much more. It is up to you and you should choose as per your requirements.

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2. iThemes Security

iThemes Security

Earlier it was known as WP security. It is an easy way to safeguard your website. It offers services such as protection against hacks and breaches. It notifies you regarding the software becoming obsolete and weak passwords if any. You can access the basic features by installing the free version. The price for the pro version is around 80$ a year. You can access the technical support and updates which can be used for two websites. You can even upgrade to the plan which has a higher cost and provides more advanced features as compared to the lower versions.

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3. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security

It is a popular WordPress security plugin and is in demand. It gives you full control over the activities which are made on your website. You can monitor the attackers trying to get into the system. The free version provides you with firewall security and protection against the breach. You can switch to the premium version which comes with a fee of 99$ a year. You can manage more than two websites by choosing a premium version. It is the best security plugin that can be installed to manage more than one website. Fee-free and stay safe.

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4. WP fail2ban

WP fail2ban

It is an advanced WordPress security plugin that monitors every login attempt. It monitors the activities being made on your website. You can request a report consisting of details of every user attempting to access your website. This feature is one of the important factors which protect your data from a breach. It is a self-controlled WordPress security plugin so you need not make efforts to control the action. It works fine and users reviewed it positively in terms of effectiveness. It offers a brute force security plugin which is free and can be installed without paying any fee.

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5. Jetpack


The plugin is developed by the team of WordPress.com and is the most efficient WordPress security plugin. It offers too many features which include span control and management of site speed. You can trust this plugin as it offers the best of the best. You get free protection module and also it blocks the activities which seem to be suspicious. The basic pack includes brute force protection against attacks. You can switch to a paid version as it offers you the restoration of data and backups. There are other plans offering malware protection and real-time backups.

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6. WebARX


One of the premium plugins which supports almost every PHP application. It provides an amazing feature which is an endpoint firewall by which you can monitor the traffic on your website and can control it via a cloud dashboard. The self-managed firewall protects your website from breaches and attacks. You can customize the firewall principles and easily create backups. You can monitor and analyze the uptime and security-related issues. You receive notifications and alerts and can also export reports. It is simple and can be easily set up. You can also harden the WordPress installation which is quite beneficial.

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7. Hide My WP

Hide My WP

This plugin manages the privacy section to its best. It can hide your page identity and would not let the attackers, spammers, and theme detectors that you are using WordPress. It blocks the attacks such as XSS, and SQL injection with its IDS an intrusion detector. You can subscribe to it by paying a fee of $24. Features like hiding the name of the plugin and theme are available. You can block access to PHP files and can also stop directory listing. You will get notified when any abnormal behavior on your website takes place.

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8. Shield Security

Shield Security

The burden of site security is minimized by using Shield Security. It will do its job which is to block suspicious visitors and abnormal activity which possibly takes place on your website. It does not keep you annoyed by sending emails throughout the day. It is best suitable for beginners who lack knowledge about site management. It gets into action the moment you install it on your website. Full documentation regarding suspicious activities, traffic, and attacks are presented so that you can look out for the details. Use it now as it is an autonomous security plugin.

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9. Astra Web Security

Astra Web Security

You need not worry about attacks, breaches, malware, and XSS as Astra web security will take full responsibility for managing these security issues. You can feel relaxed and try focusing on content management. It is quite simple and has simpler buttons which means you don’t have to do masters using plugin features. Brands like Ford and Gillette are the client of Astra Web Security. You can get it by paying $9 per month and you get a 20% special discount when you pay an annual fee. It is the best plugin that comes at such a price.

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10. WP Reserve Access

WP Reserve Access

You need not look after the booking calendars. This WordPress plugin manages the booking made by your visitors. Self-managed and fast it is. You can also create forms and calendars which would help you with bookings. It allows you to customize the booking system and matches your requirements. It is best suitable for your rental business as you can manage the availability which is one click away. By creating forms your visitors can book depending on their availability. You can also review the bookings and manage them easily. Try it now and forget about managing the bookings.

Words over to you

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Choosing an efficient WordPress security plugin is required. You cannot safeguard your blog or website easily as it requires regular checks and control over breaches and attacks. You need to look out for the best of the best among the various WordPress security plugins available. It is possible that basic versions may provide necessary features but are not that effective in managing every action. You have to switch to a better technology that can safeguard your website. Installing WordPress will give you full control over monitoring the activities being made on your blog or website. Try to do some research and make a decision thereafter.

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