How can I configure the Widget to display upcoming birthdays?

“BuddyPress Birthdays” is a valuable add-on developed by Wbcom Designs, aimed at enhancing BuddyPress with a small yet significant feature. This plugin enables you to keep track of the upcoming birthdays of your site’s members, allowing you to extend warm wishes and make their day even more special. By celebrating together, you foster a sense of community and strengthen the bonds among your members.

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With “BuddyPress Birthdays,” you can effortlessly greet and acknowledge your members on their special day, creating a more personalized and engaging community experience. Additionally, the plugin offers flexibility to the admin by providing an essential feature to choose whether to display the member’s age or not, ensuring privacy and customization according to your site’s preferences.

Features for the BuddyPress Birthdays plugin:

1. Birthday Notifications: Implement a notification system that sends automated birthday greetings to members on their special day. This feature would enhance user engagement and make members feel valued within the community.

2. Birthday Reminders: Allow members to set reminders for upcoming birthdays of their friends or connections within the community. This feature would help users stay connected and actively participate in celebrating each other’s birthdays.

3. Birthday Widgets: Create customizable widgets that can be placed on different sections of the site, such as the sidebar or homepage, to display upcoming birthdays or featured member birthdays. This would make it easy for members to see and remember important dates within the community.

4. Birthday Badges or Virtual Gifts: Introduce virtual birthday badges or virtual gift options that members can send to each other on their birthdays. This adds a fun and interactive element to the celebration, encouraging social interaction and creating a lively atmosphere within the community.

5. Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Enhance the member directory by adding advanced filtering and sorting options based on upcoming birthdays. This allows users to easily find and connect with members who have birthdays in a specific timeframe or age range.

6. Birthday Customization: Offer customization options for members to personalize their birthday profiles, such as choosing a birthday theme, adding custom graphics or animations, or selecting unique birthday badges. This feature allows members to express their individuality and adds a festive touch to their profiles.

7. Birthday Fundraising: Integrate the ability for members to create birthday fundraisers or charity campaigns on their birthdays. This feature combines celebration with giving back, allowing members to support causes they care about and engage the community in philanthropic efforts.

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Remember, these are feature suggestions that can enhance the BuddyPress Birthdays plugin. If you’re interested in implementing any of these features or have specific requirements, it’s recommended to reach out to the plugin’s developer or explore available extensions or customization options to meet your needs.