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WordPress Maintenance: 10 Practices to Keep Website Healthy

Welcome to the world of WordPress, opportunities for website creation are infinite, but the obligations on WordPress maintenance site health are not known.

In the developing world of online presence, it’s important to guarantee the seamless operation, security, and peak performance of your WordPress site. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, artist, or entrepreneur, maintaining your digital hub resembles tending to a garden, consistent care ensures its vitality and resilience against future Problems.

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Let’s dive into the realm of WordPress maintenance, here are some Practices Keeping Your WordPress Site Healthy

Site Care 101: Your Ultimate Maintenance Checklist


1. Regular Backup

A backup is essentially a copy of your WordPress website’s files and database, stored separately from your live site. It serves as a safeguard, allowing you to restore your site to a previous state in the event of an emergency or data loss. WordPress, where websites are constantly evolving and content is being added or modified, establishing the safety and security of your data is important. A regular backup strategy is a core component of WordPress maintenance, providing a safety net against unforeseen events such as website crashes, hacking attempts, or data loss. For this you can use plugins, take backup services from different companies or perform it manually.

2. Security

It is one of the most important tasks and should be your number one priority. To improve your site security you can use plugins. If you want complete security care you can opt for security from different websites. Security of your WordPress website is really important to protect your websites against hackers,fishing,malware attacks, etc.

3. Updating your WordPress

You should keep your WordPress up to date to safeguard it against malicious attacks. For major updates, you should use a staging site in order to check if everything is working properly. Ensure that your auto updates in on.

WordPress maintenance

4. Spam Protection

You should always check your mail and comments in order to safeguard it from others, promoting content which does not concern the content of your website or bad content in order to make your WordPress website look dubious. You can use plugins or make use of a company providing such support concerning your needs.

5. Optimise your Website Performance

If your WordPress website response time is slow or take time to perform certain action it is crucial to optimise your website using plugins or manually. Improving your website performance increases the chance of revisits to your website.

6. Plugins for WordPress Maintenance

You can take the easiest step and use a plugin, there are various plugins in the market which take full control in order to make your website topnotch.

7. Passwords

To protect your site use long passwords up to 15 to 20 words, use uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Do not use the same password everywhere. Always remember to change your passwords every month to escape any compromises to security.

8. Update your plugins and themes

Always remember to update your themes and plugins, older versions can slow your web page. It can also be used by hackers as a backdoor to your site causing massive damages to your site and business. To Keep your plugins and themes up to date in part of WordPress maintenance.

9. Browser Compatible

Occasionally inspect if your site is working on different browsers. Also check whether it’s working well on different devices. To check on different browsers you can use plugins(There are multiple plugins available for this).

10. User Experience

It is one of the most important facts determining whether multiple users visiting your site will revisit or not. You can use google analytics for this purpose and improve further on if there are any issues. Higher a UX designer to get favourable outcome.


Final thoughts on WordPress maintenance

There are many steps you can take to keep your site functioning well. Some WordPress maintenance tasks are executed daily like Backups, whereas some WordPress maintenance task are done monthly Google analytics review where some are done yearly like browser compatibility check.If you are looking for any company to perform these tasks for you and keep you worry free. You can also visit wbcomdesigns to help you scale up.

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