Recognising WordPress Websites

WordPress or Not? 6 Tips for Recognising WordPress Websites

In this blog, we’ll learn  effective strategies and techniques for recognising WordPress websites, empowering you to navigate the digital realm with confidence and clarity. Let’s embark on this journey with me to unravel the secret of whether a site is built using WordPress or not.

The World Wide Web (WWW) is piled up with an array of websites, each powered by different content management systems (CMS). Among these, WordPress stands as a dominant force, driving millions of websites worldwide with its user-friendly interface and versatile features.

However, amidst this vast online ecosystem, distinguishing whether a website is built on WordPress or another platform can sometimes prove to be a challenging task.
This ambiguity often arises due to the diverse customisation options available to website owners and developers. Nevertheless, equipped with the right tools and insights, it’s possible to unravel the mystery and accurately identify WordPress-powered websites.


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Here are some of the most used,possible and simple methods to decipher this secret.

Methods for recognising WordPress website

1. Watermarks: One of the easiest methods is to check in the footer section, if it says powered with WordPress. If it says it was simple and easy, was it not. If not then, no worries it can be easily removed, let’s explore other methods.


2. Using WordPress specific files: Websites generally built on WordPress often have certain files which are specific to the Platform, like wp-trackback.php, wp-content, wp-admin,etc.You just need to paste it after the URL using “/”. For example to

3. By Searching Source code: when you have landed on the website, right click the mouse and open source code or Inspect. Use Ctrl+F and search for keywords wp-content,WordPress,etc.

4. Using Wappalyzer: You can Install an amazing extension called Wappalyzer. All you need to do is Install and enable it, then it will not only tell you about the website but also what other tools are used.

5. Using Websites: There are several websites which you can use to find the related information. Here are some examples like WhatCMS, W3Techs, IsItWP,etc.
6. Contacting Developer: If you have applied all of the above mentioned methods but are not able to Find out, if the following site is built on WordPress then the last option is contacting the developer or the site Owner.

Final thoughts on recognising WordPress websites

In summary, determining whether a website is built on WordPress can be accomplished through various online tools and services. These resources offer users a quick and convenient way to identify the underlying platform of a website, helping to inform decisions regarding website development, design, and management. Whether for personal curiosity or professional analysis, these tools provide valuable insights into the technology stack of websites on the internet.

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