10 Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins 2024

Enhance Your WooCommerce Experience with Top Wallet Plugins

Are you looking to improve your online store’s payment experience for customers? In the world of online shopping, having smooth and secure payment options is essential. WooCommerce, a popular platform for online stores, can be enhanced with special tools called “wallet plugins.” These plugins allow customers to easily store funds and make purchases with added convenience. In this article, we’ll explore the top wallet plugins for WooCommerce in 2024, helping you understand their benefits and how they can elevate your online store’s performance.

WooCommerce Wallet Plugins
WooCommerce Wallet Plugins

Numerous online stores are powered by WooCommerce, which continues to be a prominent force in the ever-changing e-commerce sector. Wallet plugin integration becomes essential in order to offer more seamless payment alternatives and expedite transactions. The top WooCommerce wallet plugins for 2024 are listed here, and they all guarantee effectiveness and client happiness.


10 Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins 2024

We’ve rounded up the ultimate list of the best tools for your WooCommerce store that’ll make buying and selling a breeze. These nifty things are called “wallet plugins,” and they’re like magic wands for smoother transactions. Check out our top picks for 10 Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins 2024

1. Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro

Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro
Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro


A flexible and useful plugin, The Wallet System for WooCommerce Pro is made to improve the operation of online stores constructed on WooCommerce, a well-liked WordPress e-commerce platform. With a digital wallet feature that streamlines transactions and improves the shopping experience, this plugin gives customers an easy method to manage their money inside the store.

Wallet System for WooCommerce is a digital wallet plugin. It helps you implement a digital wallet system on their WooCommerce store and lets customers buy your products & services with swift WooCommerce payments. It is one of the fastest WordPress Payment plugins.

The WooCommerce wallet allows users to add funds. using the available payment methods on your store and see their wallet transactions list. The merchant can manage the customers’ e-wallets and change the wallet amount.

Key features of the Wallet System for WooCommerce include:

  • Adding Balance to Digital Wallet Account:- Consumers can use the different WooCommerce payment methods to add balance to their digital wallets. Users can access form fields during top-up checkout. Defaulting to hidden, they are. Orders for wallet recharges can also be made tax-free.
  • Negative Wallet Amount:- The Wallet system for Woocommerce allows you to credit the negative amount in customers’ wallet. The negative amount will get debited once users recharge their wallet.
  • WooCommerce Wallet Recharge By Admin:- As a manager, you can both individually and in bulk recharge or debit customers’ wallet balances. You can also provide details about each transaction you perform. As a case study, consider a bulk top-up to all WooCommerce Wallet users for Christmas, with the transaction detail being the “festive gift.”
  • Skip Payment Gateway for Cashback Reward:- Any WooCommerce payment gateway used to provide wallet cashback benefits can have its use restricted. Payment gateways are then required to receive cashback incentives. Regardless of the mode of payment that consumers select, they automatically receive cash back.
  • Auto Order Complete:- You can enable the auto-complete feature for orders placed with wallet payment. So, this WordPress payment plugin will speed up the order fulfillment process as the wallet-paid orders will be automatically marked “Complete”.

2. TeraWallet


TeraWallet is an advanced digital wallet and credit system specially designed for WooCommerce. It empowers you to offer your customers a seamless payment experience by allowing them to deposit funds into their accounts, transfer money to other users, and make purchases using their wallet balance.

Beyond its core wallet functionality, TeraWallet introduces an enticing cashback rewards system that enables you to provide discounts and rewards to your customers based on their purchases. You have the flexibility to set cashback rates for specific products or categories, and even offer bonus cashback during promotions or special events.

TeraWallet puts you in control with extensive customization options. By implementing TeraWallet, you can effortlessly enhance customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases through the attractive cashback rewards. Discover the power of TeraWallet today and optimize your WooCommerce payment system for maximum efficiency!

Key features of TeraWallet include:- 

  • Wallet system works just like any other payment method.
  • Set wallet system payment method title for the front-end.
  • The customers can use various payment methods to add money.
  • The admin can process refund using the wallet money.
  • Customers will earn cashback according to cart price, product or product category wise.
  • Customers can made partial payment.
  • Set cashback amount calculation using fixed or percent method.
  • Admin can export users wallet transactions.
  • Admin can setup low wallet balance notification email.

3. Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet
Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet Smart Checkout is a powerful payment solution designed specifically for WooCommerce stores, offering seamless transactions and enhanced customer experiences. This innovative tool integrates effortlessly into your online store, streamlining the payment process and providing a range of benefits for both merchants and customers.

One of the key advantages of Viva Wallet Smart Checkout is its user-friendly interface, which simplifies the checkout experience for customers. With a clean and intuitive design, it minimizes the steps required to complete a purchase, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing conversion rates for online businesses.

The integration with WooCommerce allows merchants to accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment options. This flexibility caters to a wide range of customers, accommodating their preferred payment choices and ensuring a smooth and convenient transaction process.

Key features of Viva Wallet include:- 

  • Simplified Checkout Experience: Streamlines the payment process to minimize steps and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Accepts various payment options including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and alternative methods to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Utilizes advanced encryption and fraud prevention for secure transactions, ensuring customer data protection.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: Provides detailed insights into sales performance, transaction histories, and analytics tools for informed decision-making.
  • Versatility and Scalability: Offers additional services like subscription management, recurring payments, and multi-currency support for business growth and international expansion.
  • Easy Integration and Dedicated Support: Seamless integration with WooCommerce and dedicated support for a smooth setup process and ongoing assistance.

4. GlobalPayments WooCommerce


GlobalPayments WooCommerce
GlobalPayments WooCommerce

GlobalPayments is a renowned payment technology company that provides a wide array of payment solutions and services for businesses worldwide. Within the realm of e-commerce, GlobalPayments offers integration with WooCommerce, a popular WordPress plugin used to build and manage online stores. This extension allows WooCommerce to use the available Global Payments payment gateways. All card data is tokenized using the respective gateway’s tokenization service.

Merchants can safely and effectively take a variety of payment ways thanks to the integration of GlobalPayments with WooCommerce. Businesses may guarantee the security of transactions while providing their consumers with a flawless checkout experience by integrating GlobalPayments’ services with the WooCommerce platform.

Key features of GlobalPayments include:-

  • Heartland Portico gateway
  • TSYS Genius gateway
  • TSYS TransIT gateway with TSEP
  • Unified Payments
  • Credit Cards
  • Integrates with Woocommerce
  • Sale transactions (automatic capture or separate capture action later)
  • Refund transactions from a previous Sale
  • Stored payment methods
  • 3D Secure 2 & SCA
  • Digital Wallets – Google Pay
  • Digital Wallets – Apple Pay
  • Digital Wallets – Click To Pay
  • Payments over the phone
  • Buy Now Pay Later – Affirm
  • Buy Now Pay Later – Clearpay
  • Buy Now Pay Later – Klarna
  • Open Banking – Faster Payments
  • Open Banking – Sepa

5. Web3 – Crypto wallet Login & NFT token gating

Web3 – Crypto wallet Login & NFT token gating
Web3 – Crypto wallet Login & NFT token gating

This plugin allows users to Sign Up/login to a WordPress website using their cryptocurrency wallet. And also helps to NFT token gate exclusive content of the WordPress site. Here only users who have specified NFTs in their crypto wallet will be able to access locked content.

Our Web3 Authentication plugin uses digital signature verification for crypto login. This increases the security of WordPress crypto login.

During crypto wallet signup, our Web3 plugin creates a regular WordPress user account, so existing plugins, and customizations will continue to work as intended.

The Web3 authentication login plugin supports both hot and cold wallet login.

Key features of Web3 include:-

  • Decentralized Identity and Authentication: Web3 enables decentralized identity management, giving people autonomy over their online personas independent of centralized authority. By leveraging their blockchain-based wallets for authentication, users can access a wide range of services and platforms with a crypto wallet login, improving security and anonymity.
  • Crypto Wallet Integration: With Web3, platforms can integrate crypto wallets seamlessly, enabling users to sign in or access content using their wallets. This integration allows for a more user-friendly and secure authentication process compared to traditional username-password combinations.
  • NFT Token Gating: NFT token gating involves using Non-Fungible Tokens to grant access to exclusive content, services, or communities. Web3 technology enables the implementation of smart contracts that enforce these access permissions based on ownership of specific NFTs. Users who hold the required NFT in their wallets gain access to gated content or services automatically.
  • Enhanced Security and Ownership: Utilizing blockchain technology, Web3 ensures higher security standards by employing cryptographic principles. Each transaction or access request is validated on the blockchain, minimizing the risks associated with centralized systems. Additionally, NFT token gating ensures ownership and provenance of digital assets by tying them to unique tokens on the blockchain

6. HBLPAY Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

HBLPAY Payment Gateway for WooCommerce
HBLPAY Payment Gateway for WooCommerce


HBLPay Payment Gateway is simple checkout platform that enables ecommerce merchants to accept online payments from its VISA, Master and Union Pay credit/debit cards customers. Besides this it also enables account based and wallet payments from HBL and Other Partner Bank accounts.


• One window digital payments solution
• Seamless addition of new payment methods
• platforms Provides free of cost plugins for renowned ecommerce.
• Supports card tokenization for repeat customer’s transactions
• Supports transactions in following currencies:
1. PKR
2. USD
3. CAD
4. GBP
5. AED
6. Euro

7. MONEI WooCommerce

MONEI WooCommerce
MONEI WooCommerce

MONEI is an e-commerce payment gateway for WooCommerce (and other e-commerce platforms).

Its payment gateway is the choice of many Spain and Andorra based e-commerce businesses. Use MONEI’s technology to accept and manage all major and alternative payment methods in a single platform.

MONEI is dedicated to helping you simplify your digital payments so you can focus on growing your online business.

MONEI’s serverless architecture allows you to scale and process a high volume of transactions. Its dynamic pricing model means as you sell more your transaction fees decrease. Once you’re an approved merchant, enjoy 1-day payment settlements.

Key features of MONEI include:-

  • Merchant support for all available MONEI payment methods
  • Accept and manage all major and alternative payment methods in a single platform
  • Quickly and easily integrate with your WooCommerce website using MONEI’s API
  • Connect your custom domain to MONEI and customize the appearance of your checkout page
  • Scale and process a high volume of transactions
  • Dynamic pricing model — as you sell more your transaction fees decrease
  • Verified merchants enjoy 1-day payment settlements
  • PCI-DSS compliant
  • Self-hosted flexible input fields
  • Supports 3D Secure and 3D Secure exemptions

8. AffiliateWP – Store Credit

AffiliateWP – Store Credit
AffiliateWP – Store Credit

AffiliateWP is a popular WordPress plugin designed for managing affiliate programs on e-commerce websites. It allows site owners to set up and run their affiliate marketing initiatives smoothly. One of the functionalities integrated into AffiliateWP is the Store Credit feature.

The Store Credit add-on within AffiliateWP provides a mechanism for rewarding affiliates with store credits instead of direct monetary commissions for their referrals or sales generated through their affiliate links. This feature adds versatility to the affiliate program by offering affiliates an alternative way to earn and use credits within the associated online store.

Key features of AffiliateWP include:-

  • Alternative Rewards: Provides affiliates with store credits instead of direct cash commissions for their referrals or sales.
  • Credit Utilization: Affiliates can use earned credits to make purchases within the associated online store.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Offers customizable settings for credit allocation, expiry dates, and redemption criteria to suit specific business requirements.
  • Motivational Incentive: Acts as an extra incentive for affiliates, encouraging them to actively promote products or services to earn store credits.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Includes tools to track and analyze credit usage, aiding in evaluating the effectiveness of the affiliate program and affiliate-driven sales.

9. Knit Pay

Knit Pay
Knit Pay


Knit Pay aimed to simplify cryptocurrency transactions by providing a platform where users could buy, sell, and use various cryptocurrencies for everyday payments and transactions. This WooCommerce Wallet Plugins offer a user-friendly interface and a seamless experience for managing digital assets, enabling users to transact in cryptocurrencies more easily.

Key features of Knit Pay include:-

  • Supports a wide variety of payment providers.
  • Seamless integration with popular e-commerce and form builder plugins.
  • Automatically updates the payment status of orders in WordPress.
  • Works with Payment Gateways webhook to provide real-time payment status update.
  • Easily manage (multiple) payment provider configurations.
  • Continually updated to support the latest e-commerce plugins.
  • Works with all popular WordPress e-commerce plugins.
  • Create a fully branded payment link directly from WordPress Dashboard even if Payment Gateway does not support this feature.
  • Create multiple payment buttons in Gutenberg blocks and Elementor.

10. WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress

WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress
WP EasyPay – Square for WordPress

WP EasyPay is a fast, and secure WordPress plugin designed to simplify the way your website accepts Square payments. With this WooCommerce Wallet Plugins, you can start accepting online credit card payments instantly while skipping the complex procedures of setting up a shopping cart system.

Key features of WP EasyPay include:-

  • Charge simple payments through the click of a button.
  • Collect donation payments easily where the customer can enter their desired amount.
  • Easily set and collect fixed amount payments for services or single products.
  • Collect custom payment amounts from your customers by allowing them to enter a custom amount(s) at the time of payment.
  • Define the min & max amount range for a custom amount.
  • Sandbox support with the latest version of SQUARE V2 API available for developer testing.
  • Add payment form on your website page or post using shortcode.
  • Notification Email will be sent to the admin after every successful transaction.
  • Display selected fields in Square Transaction Note using tags (60 characters Only).
  • Add default Mail Tags into the message body like Transaction ID, Payment Amount, etc.

Final thoughts on 10 Best WooCommerce Wallet Plugins 2024

After exploring the top 10 WooCommerce wallet plugins of 2024, it’s clear that these tools offer amazing features for online stores. Each plugin has its strengths, such as easy setup, secure payment options, and user-friendly interfaces. Whether it’s providing store credits, loyalty programs, or seamless transactions, these plugins make shopping convenient for customers. With the flexibility they offer, businesses can effectively manage transactions and enhance the overall shopping experience. In conclusion, these top WooCommerce Wallet Plugins empower online businesses by streamlining transactions and improving customer satisfaction.