7 Best WordPress Affiliate Manager Plugins 2024

With the online business and marketing landscape always changing, affiliate programs have become an effective tool for boosting sales, boosting income, and reaching a wider audience. One of the most widely used website building platforms, WordPress, has a wealth of tools and plugins that make affiliate administration a breeze. The search for the best WordPress affiliate manager plugins to improve affiliate program tracking, reporting, and general effectiveness is becoming more intense as 2024 approaches.

By promoting goods and services from other businesses, affiliate marketing is a fantastic method to monetise your WordPress website and earn commissions. In the absence of appropriate tools, tracking referrals and maintaining affiliate links might prove to be difficult tasks.

This is why you require a WordPress affiliate manager plugin so that you can easily create, arrange, and keep an eye on your affiliate links. In order to compensate your affiliates for generating leads or sales, a quality affiliate manager plugin will also link with membership plugins and well-known e-commerce platforms.

Best WordPress affiliate manager plugins for 2023

1. AffiliateWP :

As a leading plugin for affiliate management, AffiliateWP is a powerful and feature-rich WordPress plugin. Designed to be smoothly integrated into WordPress websites, AffiliateWP provides an extensive toolkit for managing affiliate networks. Fundamentally, AffiliateWP streamlines the procedures involved in setting up, maintaining, and enhancing affiliate networks. It is usable by both beginner and experienced marketers thanks to its user-friendly UI. Users may track referrals, easily manage affiliate registrations, and set up different payment plan.

Create an affiliate website with WordPress using AffiliateWP - YouTube

AffiliateWP also has a REST API and many add-ons that extend its functionality. Some of the add-ons include:

  • Affiliate Dashboard Sharing: Allows your affiliates to share their dashboard with others.
  • Affiliate Forms for Gravity Forms: Allows you to create custom affiliate registration forms using Gravity Forms.
  • Direct Link Tracking: Allows your affiliates to link directly to your site without using an affiliate link.
  • PayPal Payouts: Allows you to pay your affiliates via PayPal in bulk.
  • Zapier for AffiliateWP: Allows you to connect AffiliateWP with over 700 web services using Zapier.

AffiliateWP Pricing: Starts from $149 per year for a single site license with 16 official free add-ons. You can also get a Plus license for $249 per year for up to 3 sites with 14 pro add-ons, or a Professional license for $299 per year for unlimited sites with all 29 pro add-ons.

AffiliateWP Pros:

1. User-Friendly Interface: AffiliateWP boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

2. Real-Time Tracking: The plugin offers real-time tracking of clicks, referrals, and commissions.

3. Setup is easy: WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and other popular eCommerce platforms are seamlessly integrated. Affiliate programs are simplified with this integration, ensuring compatibility and smooth operations.

4. Flexible Commission Structures: AffiliateWP enables users to create diverse commission structures tailored to their specific needs.

AffiliateWP Cons:

1. Cost: The pricing structure of AffiliateWP involves an initial purchase cost for the plugin itself, with additional expenses for add-ons or extensions.

2. Learning Curve for Advanced Features: Although the fundamental functions are easy to use, individuals who are not as familiar with WordPress or affiliate management systems may need to put in some time to learn how to use the more sophisticated features or adjustments.

3. Dependence on Third-Party Connections: While AffiliateWP easily integrates with a number of eCommerce platforms, relying too much on these third-party integrations may from time to time cause compatibility problems or dependencies on platform changes.

4. Resource Application: Additional server resources may be needed by AffiliateWP for effective tracking and management, depending on the size of the affiliate program and website traffic. The performance of the website on hosting plans with lower tiers may be impacted by this.


2. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate is a feature-rich affiliate marketing platform that enables companies to effectively design, administer, and enhance their affiliate networks. This cloud-based platform is a compelling option for companies looking for a dependable and adaptable affiliate management solution because it provides an extensive set of features intended to optimize the entire affiliate marketing process.

Tapfiliate’s user-friendly interface, which makes affiliate program setup and administration easier and enables users to easily set up tracking techniques, customize commission formulas, and handle payouts, is one of its key benefits. Its versatility in monitoring many kinds of conversions—including clicks, sales, leads, and more—fits a range of company models.

How does automatic tracking work in affiliate programs? - Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate also has some advanced features that make it a powerful affiliate tracking solution. Some of them are:

  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM): Allows you to create tiered commission structures for your affiliates, so they can earn commissions from their sub-affiliates.
  • Lifetime Commissions: Allows you to assign a customer to an affiliate for life, so they can earn commissions from every purchase the customer makes in the future.
  • Custom Events: Allows you to track and reward any action or event that is important for your business, such as leads, sign-ups, downloads, etc.
  • White Label: Allows you to use your own domain name and remove Tapfiliate’s branding from your affiliate program.

Tapfiliate Pricing: Starts from $69 per month for up to 1,000 affiliates and 100,000 tracking requests. You can also get a Pro plan for $149 per month for up to 10,000 affiliates and 1 million tracking requests, or an Enterprise plan for custom pricing and features.

Tapfiliate Pros:

1. User-friendly interface for easy setup and management.
2. Customizable commission structures for diverse needs.
3. Advanced tracking capabilities for accurate attribution.
4. Seamless integration with various e-commerce platforms.
5. Real-time insights and analytics for campaign monitoring.
6. Custom branding options for a consistent brand experience.
7. Marketing materials and communication tools for affiliates.
8. Versatile platform suitable for businesses of different sizes.
9. Robust features to optimize affiliate marketing efforts.
10. Excellent support and resources for users.


1. Limited customization options in the user interface.
2. Steeper learning curve for beginners due to advanced features.
3. Some users may find the pricing structure costly for larger affiliate programs.
4. Occasional complexities in integrating with specific third-party apps.
5. Advanced functionalities might overwhelm users seeking simpler solutions.

3. Easy Affiliate

A powerful WordPress plugin called “Easy Affiliate” was created to make managing affiliate programs for website owners and marketers easier and more efficient. Its robust features and easy-to-use interface make it a desirable option for anyone looking for an effective affiliate management system inside the WordPress environment.

Easy Affiliate’s simplicity in setting up and maintaining affiliate networks is one of its best qualities. Users may easily define commission schemes, start and modify their affiliate programs, and handle affiliates. With the help of the plugin’s dashboard, users can easily monitor performance data like clicks, conversions, and revenue and measure the effectiveness of their affiliate campaigns in real time.

Easy Affiliate Review 2023: Affiliate Program for WordPress

Easy Affiliate also has some unique features that make it stand out from other plugins. Some of them are:

  • Fraud Prevention: Automatically detects and blocks fraudulent transactions and referrals.
  • Link Cloaking: Automatically cloaks your affiliate links to make them look more professional and trustworthy.
  • Email Marketing: Allows you to send automated emails to your affiliates to welcome them, notify them of new products or promotions, remind them of payouts, and more.
  • GDPR Compliance: Helps you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by allowing your affiliates to manage their personal data and consent.

Easy Affiliate Pricing: Starts from $99 per year for a single site license with basic features. You can also get a Plus license for $149 per year for up to 3 sites with advanced features, or a Pro license for $199 per year for unlimited sites with all features.

Easy Affiliate Pros:

1. Easy Affiliate Pro is a user-friendly affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress.
2. It simplifies the process of setting up and managing affiliate programs.
3. The plugin offers customizable commission structures and tracking capabilities.
4. It integrates seamlessly with various eCommerce platforms and membership sites.
5. Easy Affiliate Pro provides real-time reporting and analytics for monitoring performance.
6. It includes features like affiliate link generation and commission payouts management.
7. This plugin is suitable for beginners and businesses aiming to run effective affiliate programs.


1. Limited features compared to some other advanced affiliate plugins.
2. Support may be slower during peak times.
3. Some users find the interface less intuitive.
4. Integration with specific platforms might be challenging.
5. Advanced customization options are relatively limited.
6. Pricing tiers might not suit smaller businesses or startups.
7. Occasional reported issues with tracking accuracy.

4. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an all-inclusive affiliate marketing tool known for its strong functionality and adaptability. With a variety of features to help with affiliate program management, it is a potent solution for companies of all sizes.

Fundamentally, Post Affiliate Pro offers powerful tracking features that let companies precisely monitor and measure each and every facet of their affiliate marketing initiatives. It enables a number of tracking techniques, such as IP monitoring, cookie-based tracking, and more, guaranteeing that commissions and sales are correctly attributed to the right affiliates.

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Post Affiliate Pro integrates with over 200 e-commerce and payment platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Stripe, PayPal, and more. You can also use Zapier to connect Post Affiliate Pro with hundreds of other apps and services.

Post Affiliate Pro also has some unique features that make it a robust affiliate software. Some of them are:

  • Split Commissions: Allows you to split commissions among multiple affiliates who contributed to the same sale.
  • Performance Rewards: Allows you to reward your affiliates based on their performance metrics such as sales volume, conversion rate, etc.
  • Action Commissions: Allows you to track and reward any action or event that is important for your business, such as leads, sign-ups, downloads, etc.
  • Affiliate Link Styles: Allows you to choose from different types of affiliate links such as direct links, anchor links, SEO links, etc.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing: Starts from $97 per month for up to 1,000 affiliates and unlimited tracking requests. You can also get an Ultimate plan for $197 per month for up to 5,000 affiliates and unlimited tracking requests, or a Network plan for $477 per month for unlimited affiliates and tracking requests.

Post Affiliate Pro Pros:

1. Robust tracking: Post Affiliate Pro offers advanced tracking capabilities, ensuring accurate monitoring of affiliate activities and conversions.
2. Customizable commissions: It allows for versatile commission structures, enabling businesses to tailor rewards based on performance.
3. Multi-tier marketing: The platform supports multi-tier affiliate marketing, encouraging affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates and expand the network.
4. Extensive reporting: Detailed reports and analytics provide insights into campaign performance and affiliate activities.
5. Integration options: It seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce platforms and third-party tools for enhanced functionality.
6. Affiliate management tools: Offers a user-friendly interface for efficient management of affiliates, payments, and creatives.
7. Reliable support: Post Affiliate Pro provides responsive customer support to address queries and concerns promptly.


1. Complex Setup: Setting up Post Affiliate Pro can be intricate, requiring technical knowledge and time.
2. Costly Pricing Tiers: Higher-tier plans can be expensive, potentially making it less accessible for smaller businesses or startups.
3. Steep Learning Curve: Its comprehensive features might pose a learning challenge for beginners, requiring time to fully grasp the functionalities.
4. Customization Complexity: Customizing certain aspects of the platform can be complex, requiring assistance or expertise.
5. Limited Customer Support: Some users have reported occasional delays or limitations in customer support responsiveness.
6. Occasional Bugs or Glitches: Users have reported encountering occasional bugs or glitches that might disrupt workflow.

5. WP Affiliate Manager

Website owners can easily setup, administer, and track their affiliate programs with the help of WP Affiliate Manager, a powerful WordPress plugin intended to make affiliate program management simpler. With its intuitive UI and comprehensive feature set, this plugin appeals to novices and experts alike in the field of affiliate marketing. WP Affiliate Manager integrates with some popular e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, JigoShop, Easy Digital Downloads, and more. You can set up flat rate or percentage based commissions for your affiliates, as well as manual adjustments and payouts.

WordPress Affiliate Manager - WordPress Affiliate Manager

WP Affiliate Manager also has some basic features that make it a decent option for beginners. Some of them are:

  • Automatic Affiliate Approval: Automatically approves newly registered affiliates so they can start promoting your products.
  • Manual Affiliate Approval: Allows you to approve or decline each affiliate application manually.
  • Unlimited Creatives and Ads: Allows you to add as many banners or text links as you wish for your affiliates to use.
  • PayPal Payouts: Allows you to pay your affiliates via PayPal in bulk.

WP Affiliate Manager Pricing: Free.

WP Affiliate Manager Pros:

1. Free and easy to use
2. Integrates with some popular e-commerce plugins
3. Offers basic features like automatic approval and PayPal payouts
4. Provides good support and documentation

WP Affiliate Manager Cons:

1. Lacks some advanced features like recurring commissions and custom events
2. Does not integrate with many e-commerce and payment platforms

6. Affiliates

Affiliates is a robust and free WordPress plugin designed to empower website owners to establish and manage thriving affiliate marketing programs seamlessly. With Affiliates, you can effortlessly create and administer an effective affiliate system directly on your WordPress site.

This plugin serves as a comprehensive solution for those seeking to leverage affiliate marketing to drive sales, enhance brand exposure, and boost revenue. It provides an intuitive platform where site owners can recruit affiliates, track referrals, and manage commissions effortlessly.

Affiliates also has a REST API and many extensions that enhance its functionality. Some of the extensions include:

  • Affiliates Coupons: Allows you to link affiliate accounts to coupons and track them to reward commissions.
  • Affiliates Import: Allows you to import affiliate accounts in bulk from a text file.
  • Affiliates Events Manager: Allows you to grant commissions to affiliates for referred bookings with Events Manager.
  • Affiliates WooCommerce Subscriptions: Allows you to grant commissions to affiliates for recurring payments with WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Affiliates Pricing: Free. Some extensions are also free while others are premium.

Affiliates Pros:

1. Free and flexible
2. Integrates with many e-commerce and membership plugins
3. Offers many extensions and add-ons
4. Provides good support and documentation

Affiliates Cons:

1. Some extensions are premium and require a subscription
2. No built-in PayPal payouts feature
3. No white label branding option

7. Thirsty Affiliates

A robust WordPress plugin called Thirsty Affiliates makes affiliate link administration easier for bloggers, marketers, and website owners. Initially designed to simplify the management of affiliate connections, it has gained recognition for its intuitive user interface and extensive feature set.

Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

Effective affiliate link cloaking and organization is one of Thirsty Affiliates’ best features. By shortening, branding, and optimizing URLs, users can build links that are easier to navigate and more enticing to website visitors. For content producers who often include affiliate links in their articles, blog posts, or reviews, this feature is extremely helpful.

Thirsty Affiliates also has some features that make it a powerful affiliate link manager plugin. Some of them are:

  • Link Cloaking: Automatically cloaks your affiliate links to make them look more professional and trustworthy.
  • Link Insertion: Allows you to insert your affiliate links into your posts or pages using a button or a shortcode.
  • Link Shortening: Allows you to shorten your affiliate links using popular services like Bitly or Google URL Shortener.
  • Link Statistics: Allows you to track the clicks and impressions of your affiliate links with detailed reports and charts.

Thirsty Affiliates also has some premium add-ons that extend its functionality. Some of them are:

  • Autolinker: Automatically links keywords in your posts or pages to your affiliate links.
  • Geolocations: Automatically redirects visitors to different affiliate links based on their location.
  • Google Click Tracking: Automatically adds Google Analytics tracking code to your affiliate links.
  • CSV Importer: Allows you to import affiliate links in bulk from a CSV file.

Thirsty Affiliates Pricing: Free. The premium add-ons cost $49 each or $149 for a bundle of all add-ons.

Thirsty Affiliates Pros:

Free and easy to use
Helps you create, organize, and monitor your own affiliate links
Offers features like link cloaking and link shortening
Provides good support and documentation

Thirsty Affiliates Cons:

Premium add-ons are expensive

Final thoughts on WordPress Affiliate Manager Plugins

The existence of strong and varied affiliate manager plugins has contributed to the continued success of affiliate marketing within the WordPress ecosystem.

Examining the best 7 WordPress affiliate manager plugins for 2024 has brought to light the wide range of resources that companies, marketers, and content producers have at their disposal to maximize the effectiveness of their affiliate programs.

These plugins, which range from the easy-to-use AffiliateWP to the eCommerce-focused ReferralCandy and the link-focused ThirstyAffiliates, provide a range of capabilities to meet different demands. WordPress users have even more alternatives thanks to the flexibility of Affiliates Manager, the ease of WP Affiliate Manager, the comprehensiveness of Post Affiliate Pro, and the integration possibilities of YITH WooCommerce Affiliates.

Choosing the most suitable plugin from this selection depends on a thorough understanding of individual needs, aligning features with goals, and ensuring a harmonious fit with the overall marketing strategy.