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How To Create An LMS Website To Sell Crypto Courses

Creating an LMS website to Sell Crypto Courses isn’t so hard these days. The technological advancement has certainly piqued and has doubled over time, making the online arena much more resourceful and important to conquer. Hence a website harboring the essentials of a Learning Management System is worth your investment and time.

Gone are the days when learning was limited to educational institutions and libraries. Now, the virtual setup has taken over and has acquired a dignified position of e-learning where anyone can Sell Crypto Courses online related to myriad available options

Cryptocurrency has been the recent buzz in town with many persons actively trading in accumulating information on how to buy and sell bitcoins and make revenue with it. To make the experience for such users more resourceful, we have brought forth how investors and other BTC enthusiasts can make an LMS website to sell courses related to Crypto.

What is an LMS Or A Learning Management System?

An LMS in layman terms is an online learning management system that offers a variety of e-learning options that can be installed with any WordPress website. The plugin essentially provides facilities to develop courses and assignments on a website that can be sold to potential customers and students who wish to enroll themselves in an educational program. Besides that, an LMS also assists in keeping track of students via the virtual dashboard, chatbox, quizzes, and social badges via gamification, etc. All the necessary elements required to make e-learning more engaging have been included with the LMS to provide a more comprehensive status when it comes to learning and education.

Must-Have LMS Features To Sell Crypto Courses

1. Course/Content Management

An LMS should cater to create a variety of courses and content that can help people with many existing educational issues. The content should be by the recent curriculum changes and should be contemporary to provide important insights on things. Since Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto LMS have been recent developments, efforts should be laid on how the basics of such content are defined and amplified to have a better understanding of the financial case arena.

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2. Tracking Progress

A good Crypto LMS will provide an exemplary tracking facility for teachers and students both to have an idea about how the student is performing in his tasks and periodical tests.

3. Detailed Reports And Statistics

A good Crypto LMS will provide the students and teachers with periodical reports highlighting the progress of students and faculty. This detailed report can have statistics of a student and how is he performing in his daily assignments and tasks

4. Gamification

The Gamification feature is an essential part of any website as it allows the website admin to unlock digital certification and rewards to students or users in general. This feature has to be embedded in an LMS to keep the students engaged and act as an incentive through which the students can keep coming back to buy more courses and get digital certificates issued for their learning and education via gamification.

5. Socializing and Cordial

A good LMS will also focus on having a concrete social structure that will help the website to gain more subscribers and users, this, in turn, will foster an environment of cordial relationships between a student and a teacher to make learning more engaging and fun.

6. Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly
Sell Crypto Courses

An LMS website is never limited to just having access via computers and laptops. What makes an LMS succeed in the long run is when the plugin is fairly adaptable to all screen sizes making it much easier and compact to use.

How to Build A Crypto LMS Website With WordPress

1. Install WordPress and Buy A Domain and WebHost

First and Foremost, an admin should go to and download the WordPress software, to begin with, their LMS journey. Once installed, the next important thing is to buy a Webhost so that your website can have its power backup and have a dignified position on the internet. Similarly, the next thing to do is to buy a domain. The domain is the name or address that a website will use to get identified on the internet.

2. Create Engaging Educational Courses

Once installed, the LMS plugin will have options to create various courses and assignments structures, with clicking on the add course option, the website admin should have a clear idea about the content he will publish on crypto which makes sense and also validates the need for having courses with relevant crypto services and information.

  • Have a relevant crypto structure.
  • Have expert-level knowledge in the invested domain.
  • Knowing the needs of the audience and formulating lesson plans accordingly.

3. Create assignments and Educational Tasks

Within the LMS plugin, via dashboard settings, a network admin can create a variety of assignments and educational tasks on crypto and bitcoin where the admin can assign tasks to students and create assignments as well to track a students progress

4. Decide Your Pricing

Pricing is the most essential part of an LMS Journey since the pricing is associated with the quality of courses and content, knowing the rare value that your course provides in the domain of E-Learning.

  • Acknowledge the value of your courses and the content quality before assigning a price to your courses.
  • Know your target audience’s income before charging the prices for regular courses.

5. Market Your Courses

Once through with the initial setup, the network admin must use available online social media handles and domain to market their courses and attract more potential followers. In this wake, using social media as a tool for promotion and segregating the target audience can fetch a huge number of traffic to a Crypto LMS website

How LearnMate LifterLMS Theme Can Help You Set Up An Effective Crypto LMS Website.

LearnMate LifterLMS
Sell Crypto Courses

LearnMate LifterLMS Theme has been one of the premium themes available that have been catering to the domain of learning and education via a theme that embraces all the facets of an effective LMS. The theme offers a variety of functions and specifications such as providing customized setups and layouts as well as WooCommerce support to transform your websites into marketplaces fetching more customers and students.

1. Distraction-Free Reading

The LearnMate LifterLMS theme offers a highly prized specification such as distraction-free reading. In easy terms, the theme offers full readability and focus on content to not let any distraction come within the sphere of online learning. Crypto courses are generally very tactical and therefore having new modules can make the learning very informative.

2. Interactive Course Reviews

The theme also governs engaging course reviews and feedback which can be a priceless thing for an online LMS business. The feature lets you attain feedback and testimonials from students and faculty that can increase the viability of your website and make it more appealing and establish brand loyalty.

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3. BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform Support

The theme offers support to two major social networking plugins BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform to have access to a wide variety of content and features. The specifications include building a community with Buddypress and utilizing those resources to gain more following interested crypto transactions.

4. Monetize Your Community

The theme provides an added benefit of monetizing the community with paid memberships via S2 member and MemberPress integration.

5. Social Gamification

Gamification Plugins for LearnDash
Sell Crypto Courses

With the Support of the GamiPress plugin, unlock digital certificates and rewards by accessing the social gamification option and earning digital rewards and certificates that can be attained by students at the end of their course curriculum.

6. Selling Courses Online

The theme is a perfect fit for websites interested in selling online courses ranging on a variety of subjects and curriculums. LifterLMS Integration is also an added benefit that makes adding the course structure and assignment details in a swift and study manner.

7. Create Social Marketplace

With LearnMate, Admins can also create a social marketplace with additional Dokan and WooCommerce compatibility by making the website work effortlessly in the domain of learning and education. With WooCommerce admins can easily sell online courses to students anywhere in the world.



Social learning has been on constant growth, with online learning courses gaining considerable momentum. It’s only fair that the users and investors can take the digitally paved road and help select new ways of learning and teaching. Therefore such conceptions can be a big bonus in the added regime for sectors related to education and training.

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