Beauty Blogging Community

Designing a Beauty Blogging Community With BuddyPress Member Blog

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” – Zoe Kravitz

Beauty blogs have become extremely popular in the market and more and more people are starting their own chain of beauty blogs. We are designing a beauty blogging community with BuddyPress Member Blog. These blogs mostly provide beauty tips to readers.

This may include hairstyling ideas, skincare regimens, makeup hacks, and much more. Some of the most popular types of content included in this category are product hauls, tutorials, and reviews.

By 2023 the beauty and personal growth sales will be around $90 Billion. With the growing demand for beauty and personal care products, people will need some expert advice, tips & tricks, in short, the right guidance to choose the right product.

 Beauty Blogging Community
Beauty Blogging Community

If you are a beauty & personal care enthusiast then this is the biggest reason you should start blogging if you haven’t.

While starting your beauty blog, you must keep in mind that the content you are posting is completely unique and 100% genuine. It should be of some value to the readers. The content should also have fun and interesting tips on beauty and skincare.

Adding pictures and videos will add appeal to the blog. This is definitely going to create a huge impact. You will also succeed in driving more people towards your blog chain.

But Blogging is still incomplete without community. Community plays a big role to hit and flop your blogging experience, that is why most popular bloggers engage with their community, understand their perspective, take feedback and give back the content of their need.

To start with let’s understand the basics first :

How do you start your own beauty blog?

Starting a beauty blog of your own is quite an easy task. But as this is a very crowded category, you need to grab the attention of the masses, you need to choose your micro-niche very carefully. The micro-niche should be something that you are completely comfortable with. You should also have the ability to produce genuine and unique content on a regular basis.

Next, you need to figure out whether the beauty products are affordable. As you figure this out, your next step will be beauty hacks or hairstyling tips, be specific about the category that you choose. Sometimes, you can also post blogs from other categories as well to increase the versatility of your blogs. But, we would recommend you to stick to your micro-niche.

You can also try to earn a lot of money from your beauty blogs through collaborations. This is the easiest way to partner with upcoming & popular beauty brands. You can also add sponsored content to your blog.

Apart from the collaboration, you can also try out running ads on google through Google Adsense. Another way to earn money through blogging is Affiliate Marketing. You can add affiliate links to the beauty products you are reviewing. With every purchase through link, a click will get you to commission by the company offering affiliate.

Creating a beauty blogging community

Nowadays, beauty blogging communities have also become extremely popular in the market. These blogging communities consist of beauty bloggers who like to post different types of content related to skincare, hair care, makeup, and beauty products on a regular basis.

By creating a beautiful blogging community, you will be able to provide all kinds of beauty-related blogs to your users. You will also be able to maintain a versatile approach by posting different kinds of content from different bloggers. But how exactly are you going to create a blogging community all by yourself? Well, BuddyPress Member Blog is the answer for you.

BuddyPress Member Blog

BuddyPress Member Blog is an addon for community plugin BuddyPress that allows you to create your community website all by yourself. The plugin comes with multiple features using which you can design a highly functional beauty blogging community.

You can also use this plugin in integration with other popular BuddyPress plugins. The plugin also works really well with popular BuddyPress themes. It has frontend as well as backend functionalities. The plugin is also quite easy to use. It has a highly interactive interface and can be customized depending on the needs of the bloggers.

There are other plugins in the industry that help you create a community inside the blog.

What are the advantages of having a beauty & personal care community?

No matter who you are, whether you are a skin specialist or MUA, or beauty or personal care brand or a beauty product entrepreneur, you should focus on creating a community and engaging them through your content.

This is an essential part of content engagement and converts that engagement into sales.

There is a lot of perspectives to the advantages of having a community, let’s understand as an entrepreneur, beauty brand :


Community helps in several ways, one of them is knowledge. If you have a community of experts and entrepreneurs, you get to know a lot of things. These tips would help you to dodge the hurdles. They would mentor you and help out to avoid the mistakes that could derail your startup.

Not only will you get this, but you will also learn a lot of new things from the people from different fields in your community.


As you engage more with your community, the community will grow big. And there you will get more positive opportunities. You can even get to connect with other influencers which can help you in the long run as a brand collaboration. You can even project as an influencer and amplify your engagement with influencer collaborations.


As you grow big, you will require more people in your team. A true player for your brand needs to know the essence of your brand or product. A talent can be found anywhere, you just need the eyes to recognize it. Use the power of your community to find the right talent for your venture.

Advantages in the view of Beauty & Personal Care Enthusiast / MUA / Expert :

It will improve your website traffic
It will help to build the personality of the brand
As the traffic grows up on your blog, your audience will associate with your brand. The most beautiful benefit of social media is that people will share every bit of your brand which will help you grow fast.
You will get attention from other brands.
With such huge traffic data, you can plan your future campaign accordingly.

We hope these advantages are enough to start your microblog now. If you have already set up your blog then amplify the benefits of blogging by owning your own community. Let us know your experience of community in the comment section. If you find any difficulty do write to us, we will resolve all your queries. Stay tuned with us until then Happy Reading!

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