Content Aware Sidebars Plugin Review

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin Review

WordPress platform has spectacular features using which you can design and customize your website the way you want. Widgets are one of those features. There are multiple types of Widgets on your WordPress that allows showcasing your content very elegantly. Widgets are placed in sidebars such as Right Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Footer, etc. These can be filled with different content of your plugins which makes your site more user-friendly.

WordPress has a limited number of Sidebars available but with the use of Content Aware Sidebars plugin, you can add as many sidebars as you want and fill your site with the content as much you want. The plugin just needs some conditional login to display the sidebar and needs some widgets to fetch the content. You can merge, replace, or use shortcode, with your default sidebars.


  1. Unlimited Sidebars and Widgets
  2. Shortcodes Support for Sidebars
  3. Show/Hide Widgets on any Page
  4. Highly Customizable Widgets
  5. Schedule Widgets to display for a specific time

And, many more.

Content Aware Sidebars In-Depth Review

Content Aware Settings

The plugins offer you tons of options to tweak from adding new sidebars to customizing them. Let’s take a glance at them. You can locate the plugin’s dashboard from wp-admin > Content Aware.

All Sidebars

As the name suggests, here you can find all of your sidebars created through this plugin. Also, you can activate or deactivate any sidebar directly from this section.


Add New

Now, if you Edit/Add a new sidebar, choose a title for the Sidebar. Also, there are other options to be set in order to display the sidebar with widgets as per your preference.

all slidebar

1. Conditions


In this section, you need to define AND/OR conditions for pages and components to select where to display the sidebars. There are also settings available for the conditions:

Page Types: Select specific type of pages, namely Single Pages, Archive Pages or All

Negate conditions: The sidebars conditions will work as opposite from the defined.

Auto-select new children of selected items: Autofill sidebars with selected items or widgets.

2. Action

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Here, you can choose how to display the sidebar.

Action: Action will allow you to merge, replace, force replace the sidebar with the default sidebar. It also provides you with a shortcode that you can use to display on a static page or widget.

Target Sidebar: Choose which sidebar to be targeted for the defined action attribute.

Merge Position: If the sidebar you created will be merged then you choose the position of your sidebar’s content between Top and Bottom.

3. Design

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

In this section, you can design your sidebar and widgets. You can add custom CSS classes, change padding, gapping, background color, and much more.

4. Schedule

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

In the Schedule section, you can specify the span of time to display the sidebar. Also, in the PRO version, you can also define different time periods for different days.

5. Options

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

In the Options menu, you can choose the order for different sidebars to define priorities for multiple sidebars. Also, you can delete your sidebar from here.

6. Other

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

There is also a sidebar from where you can change the status of the custom sidebar also you change the visibility and hide the sidebar from certain users.

Content Aware Widget

After creating a new sidebar, the sidebar should start appearing in the widgets section. Just drag and drop any widget into the new sidebar and it will display the content on the specific location at the front-page according to the display conditions.

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Note: You can also Add New Sidebar from here. It will redirect you back in the Add New section of Content Aware.

Content Aware Sidebar Front-End

We chose BuddyPress Groups widget with the sidebar to merge it with the Right Sidebar (Target Sidebar) and display on Top from other widgets. Also, the conditions for our sidebar are set to make it display on all single post pages.

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Content Aware Shortcode

The plugin also offers you to use shortcodes for the created sidebars. To get the shortcode for the sidebar, Navigate to Edit the Sidebar from Content Aware Dashboard. Then go to the Actions tab and choose the action as Shortcode.

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Copy and Paste the shortcode while editing or publishing a page or post. The content for respective widgets in the sidebar will be fetched into the page/post.

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Content Aware Sidebars Plugin

Wrapping Up

Adding unlimited widgets and sidebars is a great feature offered by this free plugin. Moreover, the PRO version of this plugin has even more great features. We highly recommend using the plugin. Furthermore, the plugin already has over 50,000+ active installations.

Share your thoughts about this content aware sidebars plugin in the comment section below. Feel free to ask any questions about the plugin too. Thanks for Reading!

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