BuddyPress Restrict Options plugin review


Ever wanted to control your BuddyPress community even more and restrict particular BuddyPress pages for certain types of users? Well, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to present to you the capabilities of BuddyPress Restrict Options plugin with a review.

BuddyPress Restrict Options is a great and such an easy-to-use plugin, allowing you to restrict BuddyPress Pages and Components for different types of members. Moreover, it also provides you with the feature to exclude particular users from the blocked set of users. The plugin will redirect the blocked users to the homepage if they try to access the restricted pages.


The plugin requires BuddyPress to be installed and activated on your WordPress site, in order to work.

BuddyPress Restrict Options In-Depth Review

BuddyPress Restrict Options Settings

The plugins offer you a straight-forward approach to tweak the restrictions for different user types from the back-end. The restrictions could be

  1. Restrict All Members
  2. Restruct Logged In Users
  3. Restrict Guest Users
  4. Restrict None “No”

You can access its setting from wp-admin > Settings > BuddyPress Restrictions. You will get the following options:

Basic Restrict

Here, you can change the restrictions for different components for different sets of users. The components that you can restrict are as follow:

  1. Members directory restriction
  2. Restrict viewing other profiles
  3. Groups directory restriction
  4. Group page restriction
  5. Site activity restriction

BuddyPress Restrict Options Plugin

PMPRO restrict

The plugin also provides you the option to restrict pages on membership levels, if you have Paid Membership Pro plugin, integrated, and works very well with it. These options are Paid Membership Pro dedicated and allows you to choose between ‘Restrict All Levels’ and ‘Restrict Certain Levels’. Choosing Restrict Certain Levels will show another nested list of membership levels from where you can check particular membership levels.

You will find the following options to tweak:

  1. Members directory restriction
  2. Restrict viewing other profiles
  3. Group directory restriction
  4. Group page restriction
  5. Site activity restriction
  6. Sending private messages restriction
  7. RTmedia plugin – users from adding media (if using rtMedia plugin)


BuddyPress Restrict Options Plugin

PMPRO Free access

Here, you can give access to certain users or sets of users based on field types and their values, and also assign membership levels to them. Some of the examples are given below:

BuddyPress Restrict Options Plugin

BuddyPress Restrict Options Plugin


As the name suggests, here you can export all your current restriction options settings. And also, import settings from an external source.


Wrapping Up

Based on the above settings, the restricted users will automatically be redirected to the homepage immediately as soon as they will try to access any restricted page. BuddyPress Restrict Options is proved to be very handy for many developers and keeps on helping more to them.

If you have any queries regarding this plugin, then you can always ask in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading!

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